It’s been a while since we last visited EA Sports PGA Tour, and if I’m being honest, I’ve started to miss it. Upon revisiting the game, I’ve noticed several significant changes that have been implemented. Among these changes, one of the more notable ones has been made to the courses. While these changes might appear subtle, they were necessary as there were certain courses that didn’t quite look right. So, let’s take a closer look at the modifications that have been made to every golf course in the game.

Augusta National

Augusta is the best golf course on the planet and in EA Sports PGA Tour. The camera angles are really hit or miss from holes 12-15 while I play the game. Luckily, some of those have been changed, and the developers even corrected camera operators in the towers between those holes.

Bandon Dunes

  • Fixed tree hit box being too big on the right side of the tee shot for hole 9.
  • Fix for tree disappearing during the hole 7 flyover when using performance mode.
  • Adjusted sun glow effect in the morning so that it is better aligned with the position of the sun.

The one change I am happy to see about is the sun glow effect, as it felt like there was no effect of the sun glow on this course. Especially as the sun’s position looked off, and I am glad that is changed in this update.

Bay Hill

Only a little was touched on this map. The “major” change was the developers fixing the inconsistent bark texture on willow oaks—mainly a detail change here, which I appreciate.

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Chamber Bay

For the Chamber Bay Course in EA Sports PGA Tour, the developers updated the bunker textures to improve visuals when viewing from a distance. Which was much needed as the bunkers textures looked a little off and the visuals were off from a distance. Another change they made was that they fixed fence on the right side of hole 16.

Evian Resort

There were only a few changes with this course, excluding the camera tower on hole 16 being restructured as, at times, it was glitched being off of the ground.

Lighthouse Pointe

The Course had an issue with the stairs on the lighthouse in this course. It looked too glitchy and above the terrain, and luckily, that has been changed in this new update.

Oak Hill

The trees looked off on the left side of the fairway. Especially on hole 17, as the trees looked like they were floating above the ground, and it was distracting when I got to this hole. Luckily that has been fixed in this new update.

Pebble Beach

For Pebble Beach, this was a more minor changed as the developers decided to fix the collision that was missing on some sidewalk curbs at the course.

PGA West

This is a more minor change that was focused on cleaning up the glitches on the wooden planks that line bunkers around the course.

Royal Liverpool

This is course that has gotten a lot of changes in the new EA Sports PGA Tour update. The changes are going to be listed below.

  • Added the internal out of bounds area to the course, which was previously missing.
  • Fixed chimney textures on Hole 1 sometimes being incorrectly displayed as white on some graphics settings.
  • Updated bunkers so that the sod edge wraps the full perimeter of all bunkers.
  • Fixed some walls and bushes popping in during the flyover camera on hole 1.
  • Adjusted sun glow effect in the morning so that it is better aligned with the position of the sun.
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Tara Iti

Tara Iti was a course that needed changing as the grass looked off on this map. Luckily, they did that as the developers fixed the 3D grass, as it did not appear correctly on several greens. Especially on Hole 18, I constantly had issues with the grass floating above the terrain. That was also fixed as well.

Teeth of the Dog

This one is a pretty minor change as it was more of a nitpick. The developers decided to cut grass that was clipping through the concrete base of the patio on the left side of hole 1. I honestly did not mind it, but I guess they wanted to change things up with this course.

The Country Club

In EA Sports PGA Tour, there was an update to the game and a lot of courses in the game were changed a bit.

Another minor change involving grass being cut. On this course it was by the bridge and at times the grass was seen going through the bridge on 10th Green.

TPC Boston

TPC Boston made two changes, one involving the tree hit box and the other on the ducks. For the hit box, the developers fixed the tree hit box being too big on the left side of the tee shot for hole 14, which was bizarre with the size they had to begin with. When it comes to the ducks, they were floating below the water height, which was a big mistake. Well, now that has been changed.

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TPC Scottdale

The TPC Scottsdale course is absolutely beautiful and is on the list of courses I one day want to visit. The inconsistent collision on the floating WM logo next to holes 17 and 18 has been fixed for the change here.

TPC Southwind

The issue was this map was on hole 1, as it looked a little off, and the fence on the green just did not look right. So, both have been better in the update.


When it comes to Wetlands, the change is focus on the grass being more cut through the concrete base of the structure next to the 15th green.

That’s quite a comprehensive list of changes that EA Sports PGA Tour has introduced to the game. I’m personally quite excited to play through each of the courses again and see how well the changes have been executed. What are your thoughts on the alterations made to each course? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.

EA Sports PGA Tour is playable now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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