It’s been rumored to be happening for the past few months, but it is now official as EA has reached a massive deal with the English Premier League to ensure that the storied league will be in EA Sports Football Club when it launches in 2023. The deal looks like it will be around six years for 488 million pounds (Around 522.9 Million Dollars). That is a lot of money that EA will be spending to keep the English Premier League in their soccer games.

This is an essential move for EA to make after losing the rights to the FIFA name due to not agreeing on a new license deal. According to EA, they claim that the lack of licensing restrictions was why they aren’t involved with FIFA. They will also offer the soccer series more “creative freedom.” Yeah, and I am Batman in Gotham City. You tell me which is more believable.

It could also have something to do with the massive licensing fee FIFA was asking for going forward from EA.

Premier League Staying With EA Sports

EA Sports Premier League FIFA

With the switch to the Premier League, it is going to stink that you can no longer play the World Cup in these games. I would like to know if the venues will be the same depending on specific teams. What is confirmed is that they will have the rights to Manchester City, Arsenal, and even Liverpool.

While I am not a soccer guy, I am still intrigued by how EA will handle this. Will they make a great game involving the English Premier League, or will they go the greedy route by copying & pasting games but changing the logo and adding more microtransactions? The choice is up to EA, and we will find out when the next game comes out.

EA Sports Football Club is coming later this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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