Back in early December of 2023, Universal Studios Japan released a 3D announcement video of Super Nintendo World’s expansion. It showcased current Super Nintendo World attractions as well as an introduction to Donkey Kong Country.

The popular land of Super Nintendo at Universal Japan is expected to open this immersive world of Donkey Kong Country in Spring 2024 and for Universal Studios Orlando, Summer 2025.

With construction undergoing at USJ and Universal Studios Orlando Epic, the land at both Universal Parks will be expanding. Here’s what you can expect when the land opens.

A Unique Roller Coaster

Having two rides at Super Nintendo World, DK Country would introduce a new and unique type of ride. The new ride is suppose to bring a fun and innovated ride, rumored to be the first of its kind to major theme parks.

The world famous DK railway track, called Mind Cart Madness, is suppose to be the new ride as from sky view constructions of USJ and USO Epic, the theme of the track is DK’s cart. Supposedly the track is expected to go “off rails” for a gliding part of the section (but still be on a rail). Having a trackless ride isn’t special but the next one is probably the most wildest one.

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Next is the big one where the ride will “Jump” from track to track. The first of its kind. In a video explaining the track, we can see the carts be attached to another rail on the bottom while the top holds the riders and the carts.

In a Reddit post, the land can be seen by a helicopter over it the new expansion. We can see that the ride in action. Check out the post to see it.

It might pull a Thrillville: Off the Rails vibe. But we just have to wait and see when the land opens.

New Foods and Merchandise

With the opening of the land approaching, USJ has announced many new merchandise for the land. They range from Power-Up bands, Special Theme DK headwear, and loads of Merchandise.

Other than merchandising, the land is expected to open new food places surrounding the theme of DK country. Just like Super Nintendo World, the speciality food for the Mario Bros are Mushrooms (which wasn’t bad at all). But I would love to see loads of desserts with Banana in them. I’m more excited to try the speciality dishes that they have and if they are going to have a themed restaurant just like Toadstools Cafe.

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Universal Studios Japan is expected to open the Donkey Kong Country Expansion in Spring 2024. While Universal Studios Orlando Epic Land is expected to open in Summer 2025 along with the Epic Land opening. It is unknown if Universal Hollywood is expecting to get this expansion.

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