What makes a party game fun to play is, well, having a party to enjoy it with. But what happens when the people you want to play with have differing consoles or platforms than you? Are you still able to have a fun experience? This begins the question of whether Party Animals has cross platform play, and if so, how does it work?

Unless you intend to spend most of your time in Party Animals in match made multiplayer, the question of if you can play with people on different platforms is bound to arise. And since Party Animals is available on both Xbox and PC, this question is extremely common.

How to Use Cross Platform Play?

The Party Animal characters Nemo, a corgi, Tiagra, a tiger, and Sparky, a white bull terrier, all are running across an empty train car. Behind them is a train car partially loaded with coal. Sparky is in the back firing a crossbow with suction cup arrows at Tiagra who is carrying a piece of coal and Nemo who is carrying a tennis racket.

Cross platform play is enabled by default in Party Animals . As long as the game is connected to the internet, you can play with anyone on any platform. And if you wish to play with your friends, you need to add them to your friend list using their unique ID code.

One thing important to note about cross platform play is that currently there is no way to disable cross platform play in online multiplayer. While there is no known advantage to playing on mouse and keyboard compared to controller, it is an important fact to note nonetheless.

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Party Animals is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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