NHL 24 is finally out. It is a game a lot of hockey fans and video gamers were hyped to have come out. There are a lot of things people were wondering about this game and a common question focused on Cross-Platform Play (Crossplay). You both can, and can’t, play NHL 24 with friends on other consoles.

What Is Crossplay?

Crossplay gives players the ability to play against opponents or friends on the same console generation. Like for example of you have a PS4 you have the ability to play with Xbox One. As for PS5 players you have the ability to play with Xbox Series X|S players. The thing that sucks is that players can’t play with defferent generation console’s. So, Xbox X|S and PS4 players can’t play with each others and Xbox One player and PS5 can’t play with each other either.

Is there Cross-Platform Play in NHL 24?

Well, the good news is that there will be Cross-Platform play in NHL 24. In fact on there website they even have the photo below where they show which consoles can play which in this game. Simply PS4 and Xbox One can play with each other and so can PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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What Modes Will Feature Crossplay Capabilities?

This is a pretty simple answer as you are mainly going to do a Cross Play via the Online Modes in this game. A big one especially is the Hockey Ultimate Team mode as there is a lot of crossplay that is done for this mode to work.

Will Matchmaking through Cross-Platform Play effect Hut Leaderboards and Auction House?

When it comes to Hut leaderboards, those are console-specific. With the Auction House it will be a combination of the console players. that means the crossplay will be in effect where shared auction house will focus on the generation consoles.

So that is the guide for Cross-Platform Play (Crossplay). Now that you know in detail about it you can start to play and plan with your friends regarding the consoles you want to play with them involving NHL 24. My question is do you like this game? What console do you play? Well let me know in the comment section and give the article a like as well.

NHL 24 is available now and can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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