No need to remain seated when the lights turn on: like every other Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny doesn’t have a post-credits scene. Disney has said that this film is the conclusion of Indy’s story, and it seems they’re planning to stick to that.

Granted, no post-credits scene doesn’t mean no sequel; nor even, necessarily, the last appearance or mention of Indiana Jones and his adventures. The last scene of Dial of Destiny is Indy removing his hat from a hangar, suggesting that whether or not he’s the main character of another movie, he may not be done adventuring just yet.

The Uncertain Future of Indiana Jones After Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones and Helena Shaw in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

But, a sequel also doesn’t seem overly likely. Regardless of the tales of empty theaters, Dial of Destiny’s North American opening weekend didn’t bring in as much money as Disney and Lucasfilm hoped. It made only 60% as much as the opening weekend of the last installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — which, like Dial of Destiny, also had the responsibility of breaking a very long hiatus between films.

Part of the issue is that in the wake of the Covid pandemic, older audiences are much less likely to go to theaters. They’re typically the biggest fans of the Indiana Jones franchise, which began in 1981; and they in particular are likely more interested than younger audiences in Dial of Destiny’s exploration of an aging Indy — Harrison Ford will be turning 81 next week.

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Nonetheless, reviews aren’t bad — on Rotten Tomatoes, Dial of Destiny currently has a 68% critic score and an 88% audience score, respectively lower and higher than Crystal Skull’s scores. Whether it is to be or not to be, what does seem certain about the future of the franchise is that it won’t be resting on Indy’s shoulders any more. A fond (I guess, Austrian, probably? I’m guessing most fans would “like the Austrian way better.”) farewell to the scruffy-looking archaeology professor.

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