Cross-platform play is a feature of many online games at this point — a feature that allows players to play the same game on different platforms at the same time. With cross-play, you can play with your friend on an Xbox while they are playing the same game, on the same server, or on PC.

So, Does Dead Island 2 Have Cross-Play?

But let’s be honest here: if you clicked on this article, you probably already know what cross-play is. The big question on many gamers’ minds is, ‘Does Dead Island 2 support cross-play?’ And the answer is, unfortunately, no. The fact of the matter is that getting any game to work across different platforms is hard. Different consoles run different operating systems, and each console has different hardware, which can make it challenging to make one game that can work on more than one platform, especially if you want to run the same server on different gaming systems.

Facing off against a couple of zombies in Dead Island 2 with nothing but a modified wrench. I like those odds.

Source: Deep Silver

But Why?

Now, I’m not a programmer–coding gives me a headache–so I won’t pretend to have any idea what actually goes into making a game work across different platforms, but I’m guessing it’s not simple. Sure, you might figure those big-budget game studios should be able to make cross-play work on their games, but the sad fact is that these studios don’t always have a great track record when it comes to listening to their fans, and even for those rare game developers that do, implementing things like cross-play isn’t always possible.

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Most developers listen to their financial advisors and their profit margins rather than their fans, and while you could argue that adding cross-play might make a game more profitable, since more people would be able to play with friends, evidently it’s not always worth the cost or time. So, sadly, it would appear Dead Island 2 won’t be cross-play as of right now, nor do we know of any plans to implement it in the future.

Dead Island 2 is set to release on April 21st for PC, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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