Multiplayer is great in games; after all, who doesn’t like joining a friend (or two–or, like, eighteen) for a round of competitive fun? Player-vs-player games have been around since the split screen era, all the way back to Pong. But sometimes you don’t want to go destroy your friends, and you probably aren’t a fan of getting destroyed by your friends. Plus, let’s face it, the competitive atmosphere of some online games has definitely lead to the development of some toxic communities. So does Dead Island 2 have something more, shall we say, cooperative?

dead island 2 game characters zombie survival

Does Dead Island 2 Have Co-Op?

With co-op multiplayer being arguably more fun, many players are wondering whether such a feature might be available in Dead Island 2. And luckily for those players, it is! In the game, you’re able to team up with as many as two other people to go against the ravenous zombie hordes you can encounter in the game.

Like so many similar games before it, Dead Island 2 will pit players against endless amounts of zombies, encountered across a variety of different environments. The wide open world to explore is packed with different areas, each one filled with different types of zombies to fight, using your team’s own unique set of abilities and weapons. Mixing and matching the six different characters available to you, wielding the dozens of different weapons at your disposal, you’re sure to turn those festering hordes into a pile of blood and guts, finding hours of entertainment. Because at the end of the day, all we really want is to obliterate the shambling corpses of what that used to be our fellow humans.

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Dead Island 2 is coming April 20 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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