Diablo has been beloved by fans for decades. That’s right, decades. So it’s no surprise that its newest installment, Diablo 4 is already immensely popular. It has the same macabre themes, RPG qualities, same dark and moody color palettes, the same expansive open world to fully explore and loot every inch of with your friends.

Ah. Open world. The kind that takes forever to fully explore. Thank heck for fast travel. Speaking of…strap in so you can learn the best ways to navigate this massive game, without taking forever to get places. 

Teleporting to Town

Horned woman with bat wings and a red background Diablo 4

There are two ways to fast travel in Diablo 4. The first of these is simply teleporting back to town. Depending on what system you’re using, you’ll simply press and hold down a particular button, such as down on the D-pad if you’re using a console. At that point, the teleporting graphics will begin but the action will be canceled if you move your character. Helpful if you accidentally trigger it without meaning to. What else is helpful? Read here for a guide to Diablo 4 potions and elixirs. You’re gonna need them. 

But I digress. During your teleportation, you’ll also see the town name above your character, indicating where you’re going to be teleporting to. Generally this will be the nearest major town to you. The nice thing is you can return back to where you teleported from using the same portal you took to get to town. This is especially handy for loot storing purposes or healing. Keep in mind, if you use this portal and then wander off, it will disappear. 

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Teleporting with waypoints

One of the more frequent methods you’ll use to travel is through waypoints. These are scattered throughout the map and must be discovered. They look like round stone platforms with a triangle and circle symbols in the center. They will also have blue white flames around the perimeters. You can’t miss it.    

To travel via waypoints, you’ll need to unlock the one you’re using to teleport and also the one where you’re teleporting to. At that point, you can fast travel anytime through your map. You just pick which waypoint you want and, bingo. Keep in mind this action can be canceled during battles, so make sure you’re clear of enemies when doing this. 

Once your waypoints are unlocked, they’ll appear on your map and you can use them to teleport to other waypoints. This is extremely useful, as certain merchants and items are only available in particular towns. It makes things a whole lot easier. What isn’t easy? Finding the dang things. There are 35 of them and they will be unlocked as you progress through the storyline or when new areas open up. So keep your eyes peeled, they’re well worth finding. Not only because of their teleportation but also because each waypoint gives you “Renown” which is basically like a currency that can help you gain rewards like paragon points, skill points, bonus experience, etc. Each waypoint gives you 20 renown, so they’re lucrative even just for that aspect.  

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Teleporting to your friends

If you’re playing with a party you will come across some teleporting options. Often, if your group is doing something like entering a dungeon or starting a quest, you’ll be nudged to teleport to your party by the game. You can decline, but you may  be removed from the party depending on what task they are about. 

If you’re out and about you can also teleport to your friends via waypoint. Go to the waypoint of the closest big town and there should be a portal next to the waypoint that you can use to get back to your friends. After all, it’s easy to get separated while adventuring. 

Speaking of friends, have a bit of fun with them by learning how to emote in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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