Diablo 4 has plenty of activities that can be done in its open world on your quest to build up your character. One of these activities is the dungeons you can come across that can provide a nice little challenge as well as grant you some gear for your class. While this game does help out its newer players, it doesn’t exactly spoon feed you about the different ways you can earn loot and gear to upgrade your character. Because of that, in this guide I will be covering how these dungeons can be found on the map, and why completing these dungeons may be worth your time. 

How to Find Dungeons

Diablo 4 Overworld Map with Dungeons

Dungeons can be relatively easy to spot in Diablo 4 once you get accustomed to your map, but it is understandable if you are unaware of them. It is worth noting that, like other activities in this game, dungeons will scale to whatever level you are. First, you will want to open up your map of the open world if you have already finished up the prologue section, and the icon you are looking for will look like a caged door. Each caged door icon on the map indicates the location of a dungeon. Something you may want to pay attention to is the text at the bottom of the description of the dungeon you are looking at which will tell you what class each dungeon has gear for.

After completing the game, you can unlock three capstone dungeons. Finishing the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad on world tier 2 will unlock world tier 3 along with Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in the northeastern part of the Dry Steppes, and the final capstone dungeon is unlocked by finishing the previous one and getting to world tier 4. Each of these have a level cap instead of scaling with whatever level you are, so be sure to go in prepared. Another dungeon type that can be unlocked is the nightmare dungeons which add a greater challenge to the dungeons you have already completed by giving additional objectives and afflictions. These harder dungeons can be accessed through creating and using nightmare sigils. 

Why Complete Dungeons?

Diablo 4 Reset Dungeon

First and foremost, one of the main reasons to complete a dungeon is for extra loot. However, there is also a good source of experience and gold to be earned in these activities as well. These can also be reset after you leave each dungeon if you wish to go back in to keep grinding.

Diablo 4 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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