With the first season of Diablo 4 well underway, it is safe to say it has had its fair share of ups and downs. While the nerfs to all classes were seemingly crippling at the start, things slowly evened out to a point where players are able to make the most of their characters. Are there still glaring issues with Diablo 4 right now? As much as there’s a need for more storage space, for now, we are going to take a look at where things stand for all five classes and more specifically: Which builds are currently the go-to builds.

As a simple disclaimer: To say that there is a top build is not to say you have to follow make these if you want to get better. Currently, there are builds that many are using that they see are viable to use in their game for clearing out waves of enemies and taking down bosses at high levels. If you wish to roll with a different build, you are welcome to do so. But there is a reason why players are leaning towards these certain builds to get the job done. Here are all the top builds for the first season of Diablo 4.

As a quick note, each build mentioned in this article will have links to Maxroll.gg if you wish to see how each build it put together.

Rogue: Twisting Blades

To start off the list, we have what many would argue would be the current top build out of everything we have from all the classes: Rogue and the Twisting Blades.

If you are a Rogue player, chances are you already know how good Twisting Blades is. In the first season, this continues to be the case. Just stab your weapons into an enemy and watch them fly out and back into your hands. A simple move, and yet it can do so much damage when the execution is on point. Even more so if you pair it up with the Inner Sight Specialization. Because this build is so resource hungry, you have to use Inner Sight in order to get that special bonus of “unlimited energy for four seconds.” And once you do get it going, you will see just how fast enemies melt away.

Of course, Twisting Blades continues to be a rather high-difficult build to use as if you’re not careful, you can easily melt. Still, that does not stop the build from remaining at the top as it continues to be a favorite among Rogues.

If you do want to consider other builds for the Rogue and perhaps to keep your distance from the demons, you could also take these other builds into consideration: Barrage, Flurry Rapid Fire, and Penetrating Shot. The fun of the Rogue depends on whether you wish to fight from afar or if you want to get up close to stab your enemies.

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Druid: Werewolf Tornado

Right behind the Rogue is the Druid and its wide range of builds. It is rather fascinating to look at the Druid’s kit and how out of the five classes, many would argue that there are so many ways to build up your Druid and most to all options are fairly viable for the end game. Whether you decide to pulverize enemies with your bear form, shred foes apart with lightning, or go all in with lightning storms, Druid seems to be rather open-ended with your build options. With all those options though, there is still one build that still stands above the rest, and that would be the “Werewolf Tornado.”

The idea behind this build is how you can use your werewolf form to build up spirit fast while unleashing tornadoes and hurricanes to wipe out waves of enemies. What helps to make this build work is by using the ultimate skill “Grizzly Rage” and combining it with the Dire Wolf’s Aspect which enables you to use Tornado at a decreased spirit cost.

When combined together, you have a simple-to-play build that can not only wipe out enemies in a big area but also does fairly well with single targets as well. It does, however, also put emphasis on using the unique item helm: Tempest Roar which changes basic storm skills into werewolf skills, so if you do decide to change, make sure you have that helm first.

Necromancer: Bone Spear

While just as beginner friendly as it has ever been, Necromancer remains the fun “go-to” choice for those who are first experiencing Diablo for the first time. While the class does like to put focus on summoning a skeleton army to back you up, Necromancers nowadays are leaving their backup behind in order to become even more powerful. During this season, we saw a rise in those who use a brand new build called “Omnistorm” with a focus on the ultimate: Bone Storm. Meanwhile, Infinimist (a build that got its name from player Naecabon), focuses on high survivability by dishing out big AOE damage through the act of exploding corpses.

Both are all fine and good, but the top build remains the same as it has since launch: Bone Spear. It seems hard to believe that a simple core skill would be one of the most damaging abilities you can use, and yet we find ourselves still looking at this build as one of the most effective means to go from Level 1-100. It puts a high emphasis on the AoE damage while taking down all enemies fast. Do not underestimate Bone Spear as there is a reason why it continues to rank rather highly in the eyes of Necromancer players.

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Barbarian: Double Swing

Up to now, the first three classes we talked about have been very straightforward. Three Classes that do offer a nice range of options or have easy-to-use skills to help make your time playing Diablo 4 as smooth as possible. However, these last two classes are those that are facing uphill battles to be just as viable. The first of the two here is Barbarian and how recent developments have brought forth a rather fascinating change.

Chances are if you are a Barbarian player you took one of two options: Either you got your hammer and bonked everyone over the head using Hammer of the Ancients or chose Whirlwind to spin and win. Both are still good choices to use depending on your playstyle, but recently we are seeing a rise in a new playstyle simply known as Double Swing.

The idea behind Double Swing is to make it where enemies have a hard time fighting back as you are constantly using crowd control to dictate the fight. Like many builds, you will be using a lot of shouts, but you will basically be making it where enemies can’t really do much to stop your rampage and you dual-wield pain and suffering while using ground stomp to stun them. Stack that with ground stomp and the Aspect of Audacity which stuns enemies around you if they surround you and you will find yourself laughing as you mow them down.

Again, this is a recent build that we got thanks to the new Aspects we got in Season 1. If you want to try it out or stick with the other aforementioned builds, you are welcome to go down any path your berserking-loving hearing will take you.

Sorcerer: Chain Lightning

This brings us to our final class and… This is where things get complicated. You see, if you are someone who follows the small ins and outs of Diablo 4, you will know how out of the five classes, Sorcerer currently has the shortest end of the stick (even after recent buffs). Barbarian might look like it is drowning at the moment, but if that is the case, Sorcerer is stuck at the bottom of the pool. When researching the top builds, it was astounding to see how many “Top Builds” did not bring up Sorcerer in the slightest while the other classes got multiple mentions with multiple builds, such as the ones I have been sharing throughout this article.

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If you are someone who is hellbent on casting spells as a Sorcerer though and you did want to know which is the best build for the class, it is currently a split between two builds: Ice Shards, and Chain Lightning. Whether you choose to fire off Ice Shards like a machine gun or Chain Lightning to watch enemies take nasty shocks, it does seem as though there is a big split between Sorcerer players on which of the two works the best.

As of late, it does seem as though more players are leaning toward Chain Lightning as the final answer due to not only being more flashy but having an easier time dealing with large groups of enemies. Single enemies can be harder to say but if we are focusing solely on mobs, you won’t have to worry too much about the dangers they pose against you.

What do you think?

This is the current landscape of Diablo 4 as of Patch 1.1.2.

It is still very much possible that we will see builds continue to fluctuate as we move toward Fall, but at the moment, these are the current top builds for each class. There is always a good chance we will see a build take a plummet from grace over time or see a brand new build rise up depending on what new aspects we see in the game, or if the balance team decides to buff or nerf other skills. As mentioned before, do not feel like you have to change your setup just because your current build does not match what is currently the “Meta.” If you find something you enjoy using, keep using it.

We still have a long way to go before Diablo 4‘s first season wraps up, and for all we know, we could see additional new developments come up that can shake things up. And if we do see any other changes, be sure to follow us here at Strangely Awesome as we will continue to follow Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

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