We all know in the new generation, horror is the new attraction. Horror games seem to be making a comeback in 2023. With the exciting news of Phasmophobia and Demonologist. If you want a horror game that will give you chills down your spine, multiplayer- worldwide, Demonologist is what you are looking for. You may feel like the next Ghost Busters, in party mode.

First of all, Phasmophobia has nothing on Demonologist. Even though both games share similarities, gamers today prefer Demonologist. Upon first load up, the game starts you off in the lobby known as the Old House. If you are not one to go exploring, there is already a ghost in your bathtub. The game aside from being repetitive, provides a one-of-a-kind experience in which you would most likely do, what you wouldn’t in real life. One of the purchases to stand out in the game is the “Lobby Cat”. The more you stay in the lobby the fatter it gets. Despite starting with basic essentials, gamers find themselves practicing money management skills for those “much-needed items”.

There are plenty of locations to visit in Demonologist.

Further, the game introduces you to a variety of different places. If you truly want to experience an adrenaline moment, when you hit Level 10 you unlock “The hospital”. Now it’s no science, humans find hospitals to be terrifying. The abandoned Russian hospital seems to have multiple bodies laying around. To incorporate such a place in gameplay like this, sure sends your last brain cell to the other world. Besides being beyond scary, the hospital is very well laid out as the demon uses the bodies to play tricks on the players. Some have even come across different Easter eggs referencing other horror games.

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RL Review with Twitch Streamer: shadowlean_

In addition, Per Shadow, as soon as he loads it up Demonologist, he immediately got the sense that is BETTER than Phasmophobia. Shadow agrees the game is enjoyable in solo mode but it is a better experience in party mode. While broadcasting the game, Shadow felt his worst jumpscare had to do with one of the demons, appearing by the door entrance out of nowhere after a long period of searching for signs. After multiple playthroughs, Shadow finds one of the most useful items in the game is the “Crucifix” due to its factor of shielding you from demon attacks. Asides from being chased and having demons jump out at you, he recommends the game rating it 8/10.

Demonologist is available now on Steam.

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