In 2019 Death Stranding came out exclusively for PlayStation 4. This cinematic action game was praised for its story and graphics and eventually got a director’s cut released for the PlayStation 5. Years later, people are still in love with Death Stranding, now we are getting a sequel.

Here’s everything we know about Death Stranding 2.

What is The Plot Of Death Stranding?

In Death Stranding we’re following a post apocalyptic world created by Hideo Kojima. In this world, society has been broken down by mysterious creatures that kill and destroy everything in their paths. Because of this, most of society has retreated inside. There are these advanced bunker like facilities that house the survivors.

This society runs on the backbones of porters, people who take important supplies to and from the facilities. The porters carry around these fetuses (yes, fetuses) that are in this device which mimics the settings of a womb. The purpose of this is because these babies, known as Bridge Babies (BBs), can sense the mysterious creatures that are referred to as BTs.

There are people in the world, though they are rare, who can sense BTs without the help of a BB and our main character Sam is one of those people. Even though he has DOOMS, the condition that allows him to sense BTs, he is still given a BB anyway and important porting assignments.

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In this game you’re going around and transporting important goods to and from facilities, rebuilding America. Of course, there are mystery elements, fight sequences, and an incredible cinematic story behind it as well.

What is The Plot of Death Stranding 2?

The full name of the long anticipated sequel is Death Stranding 2: On The Beach.

After completing his mission in the last game and uniting the country, Sam goes off to live a quiet life. He’s called back in once again as the death stranding is still occurring and there are still BTs to be fought. Even though it seems like the porting system has become more streamlined. They’re now using machines to port so people will have to move around less, and therefore encounter BTs less. But still, clearly something about these machines are inadequate because Sam is needed to save the day again. Old enemies are coming back and there’s a lot more at stake this time around.

In the trailer we see a lot.

The trailer was premiered about four months ago at State of Play. We learn that Bridges was dismantled and now a new team called Drawbridge was created that will support Sam going forward on this new journey. A lot of the settings seem similar as far as being a porter, collecting cargo and taking it to and from. Sam looks essentially the same, as do many of the familiar characters.

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The trailer is ten minutes long, though is far from giving too much away. There are still so many unknowns surrounding this game, and it looks just as epic as the first one.

According to official Death Stranding 2 webpage, the question that this game poses is: should we have connected?

This is an interesting direction given that much of the purpose of the previous game was connection. That was a part of Sam’s mission. To have that called into question prepares us for an incredible and introspective story.

You can watch the State of Play trailer here:

When Does Death Stranding 2 Release?

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach is set to come out in 2025, though there’s no word on when in 2025. It will be a PS5 exclusive title.

You can play the first Death Stranding on PS4 and PS5, and you can play Death Stranding: Directors Cut on PS5 and PC.

What predictions do you have for Death Stranding 2? How do you feel about the trailer?

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