Developer: Gruby Entertainment

Platform: PC (Windows)

Official Synopsis: Get ready to put a sizable dent in the profits of megacorporations in Deadlink, a guns-blazing cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements. Your mission is to conduct covert ops while piloting a humanoid combat shell. And no, “covert” doesn’t mean “quiet.”

From the extremely talented folks over at Gruby Entertainment, Deadlink is as brilliant as it is fast-paced.

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Gameplay And Mechanics:

When diving into the gameplay and mechanics of Deadlink, it’s easy to say from the get-go that these are one of the game’s strongest assets. Like Hades and Doom, these two factors will be what get people hooked immediately.

Firstly, the game mechanics are incredible. A perfect harmony of fast-paced action, from movement to ability utilization to simply using the weapons at your disposal. Deadlink manages to keep you on your toes up until the very end of each level, never once allowing you to think that a level is too easy or repetitive.

The demo offered up the class of “Soldier” which is just one of four optional builds in the game. However, in the demo, the Soldier was the only one available. The class grants you a grappling hook, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and the “Scrambler” ability; an EMP that stuns enemies.

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I found the Soldier class to be extremely fun and effective. The shotgun and rocket launcher work perfectly together, as both weapons are needed for different scenarios and situations. This adds meaning and value to each weapon rather than using a weapon only whilst waiting for the other to reload.

Furthermore, the grappling hook and EMP ability also work incredibly well together, and that’s all down to level design. The overall level design of each area of the game or “sector” is specifically designed for the player to use these abilities. Each sector is filled with jump pads, pods to whack for ammo, and ledges to jump onto, making them feel like virtual playgrounds for the player to cause as much mayhem as possible.

©Gruby Entertainment

Environment, Visuals, and Progression:

This now leads us to one of Deadlinks‘ other strongest factors, environmental level design. The reason why the game mechanics are so impressive and great to use is all down to the incredible level of design for each sector. As previously stated, each sector feels like a virtual playground for the player to be creatively disruptive. The developers have clearly put a lot of thought into how players will move and operate in these levels, but more importantly how they will interact with them.

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It’s not only the ammo pods and jump pads that allow you to navigate smoothly from a mechanical perspective. It’s also the positioning of exploding barrels, places to double jump or get to, and the placement of temporary shields and grenade refills that allow players to worry less about how they should move and how they should play. Instead, they can focus on figuring out what works best for them, which is extremely rare to find in many games.

Apart from the addictive gameplay and smart level design, the game’s environment works so well due to the extremely eye-catching art style. The direction the team has decided to go for visually is a mix of the cyberpunk aesthetic with shell-shaded visuals for the landscape. The sparkling visual effects and vibrant color palette make Deadlink not only feel good to play but also look good.

After completing each sector of the game, the player can choose between additional abilities, and passive abilities, as well as completely change how their weapons work. This makes the game highly replayable. Not all sectors will be rewarded the same, however. Some may even give you options to choose between three different ways to go, giving you the power to decide what is best for you.

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©Gruby Entertainment


This just about wraps up the small preview of the demo that we got to see for Deadlink. Overall the game was an absolute blast to play. It’s clear from the demo that this game has so much more to offer. It looks like there is going to be a full-fledged story as well, which is just fantastic. The folks over at Gruby Entertainment have a true indie darling on their hands, and I’m sure this is going to be a hit for them.

If you want to show support to the developers who are working extremely hard on this title, the best way to do that is by wishlisting the game on Steam.

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