Dead Space, the classic survival horror game, has been remade, and players are once again tasked with guiding Isaac Clarke through the USS Ishimura and battling against the twisted and grotesque creatures known as Necromorphs. With a range of weapons at their disposal, players must navigate again through the dark and atmospheric environments to survive. If you’re looking to get your hands on every weapon in the Dead Space Remake, then look no further. This guide will show you how to obtain every weapon in the game and boost your odds of surviving the horde.

Finding Your Trusty Plasma Cutter

Dead Space plasma cutter

In the early portion of Chapter 1, “New Arrivals,” the Plasma Cutter can be located on a bench. Its distinctive bright yellow glow makes it relatively easy to spot as soon as you step out of the elevator. Alternatively, you can look for the sign reading “cut off their limbs” to find the weapon.

Thankfully in Dead Space Remake, you will be equipped with the trusty Plasma Cutter to combat the Necromorphs. As the first weapon available to you, players soon find (and remember) that it quickly becomes a favorite even amongst seasoned Dead Space veterans and is a rather crucial tool throughout the game.

Acquiring The Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle becomes available after acquiring the Kinesis module in Chapter 2. The Kinesis module gives Isaac the ability to manipulate objects and reach previously inaccessible items. To access this weapon, use the Kinesis module to move crates and uncover a path to a room where you’ll find a fatally injured officer clutching it.

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This triple-barreled rifle is particularly effective in managing large groups of Necromorphs, and it has a secondary firing mode that launches proximity mines. This feature makes the Pulse Rifle an ideal weapon for setting traps and causing massive explosions.

Finding The Ripper

The Ripper can be obtained in Chapter 3 while refueling the engines. Begin by heading to the Machine Shop and going down the ramp. There, you will find a deceased crewmember holding the weapon. This handheld cutting tool has a unique ability known as the Angled Launcher (SP1). It launches a circular sawblade causing significant harm to anything it hits. The length of the blade from the Ripper can be altered using the Kinesis toggle.

Acquiring The Force Gun

The Force Gun can be obtained in Dead Space Remake during Chapter 6 as you find yourself in the West Seedling Room A on the ship. The first step is to activate the mission and then move up to the second floor.

After overcoming the obstacles in a room filled with enemies, including a Wheezer, you will reach the West Seeding Room A and come across a dead body. As you approach it, an on-screen notification will reveal the location of the handy weapon.

The Force Gun has a firing rate and power similar to a shotgun, consuming ammo similarly to the Ripper. Although it has a similar narrow focus to the Pulse Rifle, it is slower in its rate of fire. To maximize its effectiveness, it is suggested to use the Stasis ability, as the Force Gun has a slow rate of fire.

Acquiring The Flamethrower

The Flamethrower is a formidable weapon that can be obtained early in the game. It can be found in Chapter 3: Course Correction when Isaac encounters a soldier while working on the objective to ignite the engines. All you need to do is go near the soldier, and you will have the Flamethrower in your possession.

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The Force Gun is a highly effective weapon for close-quarters battles, unleashing a powerful burst of kinetic energy that can damage anything in its range. While it may not be the best choice for combat at a distance, its close-range capabilities make it ideal for fighting against groups of Necromorphs. The Flamethrower is specifically designed for this type of scenario and comes equipped with three unique abilities: Gellified Hydrazine (SP1), High-Pressure Nozzle (SP2), and Large Fuel Tank (SP3), which increases its firepower.

Finding The Contact Beam

Dead Space remake

The Contact Beam can be acquired in Chapter 7 as part of a mission to activate the Mining Administration. To obtain it, visit the Records Office on the second floor, which requires level 2 clearance, to get this weapon.

The tool is a powerful weapon for defeating enemies quickly. It is similar to the Ripper but with more power and less ammunition. Unfortunately, however, its ammunition is rather rare and expensive. And to make matters worse, the weapon must be charged before use, so it should be used wisely.

Acquiring The Line Gun

dead space weapons

The Line Gun can be obtained in Chapter 5 after defeating the Hunter at the start of the Lift the Lockdown quest. Proceed to ER Hallway A through the Emergency Room, take a right turn, and you will find a door that requires a Security Clearance Level 2 to access.

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This door can be easily identified as it stands out in the area and as there are not many doors around. When you enter the room, you will find a room filled with blood and the Line Gun in the middle beside the body of a crewmember. Following the established pattern, the weapon is held by the dead body and can be retrieved by simply walking up to it.

Acquiring The Hand Cannon

To get the grande Hand Cannon, one must beat the game on the hardest difficulty setting, the Impossible mode. This is a challenging feat, but completing the game at this level will reward you with 50,000 credits, ten nodes, several text logs, a level 6 suit, and most notably, New Game+ and the Burnished Suit.

The Hand Cannon is the top weapon in the game, instantly killing any creature with just one hit by removing all its limbs. Although it can be challenging to aim from a distance without a crosshair, repeatedly firing will likely hit the target. The game actually includes a laser sight to enhance aiming with the Hand Cannon.

Dead Space Remake is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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