The nearly 13-year wait for Dead Island 2 is almost over. The sequel to Techland’s 2011 zombie survival horror RPG is switching developers to the publisher’s in-house development team, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Dead Island 2 will expand on everything that was good about the first game while adding so much more. The latest 14-minute gameplay trailer shows off one of the new mechanics that will be introduced in Dead Island 2: a deck-building skill card system that is replacing the traditional skill point system seen in Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. The skill cards, which can be found throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco, will offer a variety of special attacks, status effects, and buffs to your character.

Dead Island 2 Cards

Some examples given in the trailer include the ability to regain stamina and stun zombies after a successful parry or dodge. These skill cards are broken up into active and passive abilities. These abilities, along with a new array of weapons, are sure to add a more customized combat system that will give players a chance to better cater to their preferred playstyle.

Dead Island 2 is set to release on April 21st for PC, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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