The finale to Dark Matter is finally here. Jason finally made it back to his world and met up with his family. But with the reveal of the last two episodes showing he’s not the only Jason who has made it back, will he get his happy ending.

The episode starts extremely abruptly with another Jason asking Jason2, who had just been pushed down the stairs, where his family is. Jason2 doesn’t know and so he gets beaten up. Jason2 has not had a good time as of late.

Shocking? Events of Dark Matter

After the opening credits, Jason and his family are in a car trying to figure out what to do. Both Charlie and Daniela get a ton of text messages from other Jasons telling them to call them back. This is one of the weaker points of the episode.

While it makes sense that Charlie and Daniela would be in some sort of shock having seen multiple people who look like Jason, they are surprisingly nonreactive to this. They handle it as they would any other thing. Later in the episode, Jason somewhat handwaves this away, noting that Charlie is handling this well.

This doesn’t land well, as the knowledge that they were living with an imposter should have caused some visceral reaction, especially once the shock wears off. Instead, the family gets a bonding moment over expired pancakes and the last few months of their life is almost completely ignored.

Which Jason?

We finally get one of my favorite book parts early in the episode, the chatroom. Jason logs into his email and finds a link to a chat room. Here, multiple Jasons are chatting with each other about the events they’ve gone through and why they deserve to be with Daniela. And some of the Jasons are privately DM’ing other Jasons about teaming up to take the other Jasons out.

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Jason lets Daniela know about the room and some of the solutions. He mentions one coming up with a lottery system to “win” Daniela. She mentions that that Jason immediately loses, a humourous moment as in the book, Jason was the one to come up with that solution.

Daniela decides and tells the chatroom that she chooses the Jason we’ve been following for the series. This wasn’t handled as well in the show as in the book. The reasoning in the book is that our Jason was the one to figure out and get back to Daniela, a reason that makes sense. The show depicts her choice more as that she’s spent time with this Jason so that’s why she’s choosing him. It’s a moment that falls flat, especially considering that Daniela hasn’t emotionally processed the events of the last few months.

Jason2’s Fallacy

Jason2 spends the early half of the episode tied up as one of the other Jasons tries to find the family. Jason2 learns what damage he’s caused and answers the question as to why he did it, the answer having been hinted at for most of the season because he thought Jason would be happy. Since he regretted his choice, he thought that Jason might have as well so they could just flip-flop lives and everything would be okay.

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Jason2 is a flawed character who’s portrayed as the bad guy. To a certain extent, this holds true as he did almost kill Charlie and assaulted/manipulated Daniela. His choice completely ignored the feelings Daniela and Charlie would have about the situation as well as what Jason wanted.

Jason2 spends the series realizing that the grass isn’t always greener and that for him personally, this isn’t the right choice. He gets some redemption as he saves Jason from one of the broken Jasons who is trying to kill and replace our Jason. He then leads Jason and family out to their freedom and gives them their way of fully escaping, by re-entering the box.

A Happy Ending?

Jason and his family, upon arriving at the box, meet 100’s of other Jasons who just want to say goodbye. Some of those there are understandably upset that it’s our Jason who get the happy ending with Daniela, but ultimately let Jason and his family through to go into the box.

The last two episodes were thought-provoking regarding the nature of self and identity. The only reason we want our Jason to get Daniela and not one of the 100’s of other versions is that we didn’t follow their events. Some of the Jasons were broken and became murderous, but most were almost the exact same as ours. This is where the missing line about our Jason being the one to get to Daniela is noticeable and brings the ending down a little.

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The last moments get us a montage of the different characters from the show. Dawn is shown for some reason staring at the box and her missing fingers. Blair is finally ready to re-enter the box. Leighton is a junky for different worlds and seems to be enjoying travelling through the box. And Amanda2 meets Ryan1 in the utopia she stayed in and he was dumped in, confirming that theory and leaving the door open for a season 2. And finally, Charlie chooses a door and steps through with the family, but we don’t see where. The hue leads us to suspect it’s the world Amanda2 is, but there’s no confirmation of this.

Overall, the finale of Dark Matter wrapped up the story nicely and left us on a high note. The pacing of the episode felt a little jarring, and the start was out of nowhere, but the episode overall was a nice way to finish. The ending left questions for the viewer to ponder while not making us feel like the show left unanswered questions.

Satisfying Conclusion
Good Ending Montage
Left us with Thoughts to Ponder
Jarring Pacing Issues
Weird Start to the Episode
Missing a Key Aspect of Daniela’s Choice

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