At the end of the last episode of Dark Matter Jason finally made it out of the box and back into his world. And then found out that there’s another another version of himself who made it back as well. This set the stakes of Dark Matter Episode 8 and was another hurdle for Jason to manage.

Multiple Jasons

In a surprise twist that has been hinted at all season, multiple Jasons have made it back from the box after being captured and replaced by Jason2. And one of them starts the show by seeking revenge just for Jason2 to get the upper hand and take not Jason out. Meanwhile, Jason runs into another Jason who starts chasing him and ends up at the Village Tap, his favorite bar.

There he meets and has a conversation with another different version of Jason. This is where the show explains the twist. After Jason was put into Jason2’s world, there would be different choices made, and so different versions of Jason. Some of them made it back to the original world, though the path they took was different.

Dark Matter did a good job of keeping the exposition to a minimum while keeping the viewer up to date on some of the happenings of the other Jason. At first, it was confusing to figure out which Jason was the real one, though that was by design. As the episode progressed, the Jasons were wearing different outfits from Jason’s adventure through the box and that helped the viewer keep track of who was who.

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Book readers were likely looking forward to see how Apple was going to handle this part of the book as it’s one of the more interesting things in an already interesting book. Director Alik Sakharov did a great job showing the multiple Jasons.


The book focuses almost solely on Jason1’s quest to get back to his world and so we don’t see a ton of Daniela’s perspective about the events with Jason2. She is a much smarter and fleshed out character in the tv show. Daniela goes and visits Ryan2 and feels like something is off. She breaks into Jason2’s storage unit and finds money from other worlds as well as vials of compound.

And then we finally get the meeting between Jason and Daniela. This was one of the best parts of the show so far because it wasn’t the happy joyous moment that we were hoping for. It makes sense that she would be skeptical but after some minimal proof by Jason she seems to believe.

Jason2’s World Collapsing

Jason2 has not been having the best of time over the course of the series. He has come to realize that marriage and this life with Daniela isn’t all rainbows and sunshine and he almost wants to end it and run away back into the box.

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Jason2 goes with Charlie to be dropped off at school, but he had promised to take Charlie to the University of Chicago. Here he runs into another Jason. Joel Edgerton did a phenomenal job portraying the pressure Jason2 is facing to hold this charade together. He’s breaking and making poor decisions and has started to rack up the body count, killing another Jason in the bathroom of the university.

He realizes that he needs to get out of Chicago and so encourages Charlie and Daniela, who went back home to get Charlie, to pack a bag as they need to leave. The scene is so tense as Daniela knows he’s an imposter but wants to keep herself and Charlie safe. She tricks Jason2 and gets her revenge for being tricked for the last few months before escaping.

However, she runs into 2 other Jasons and even gets into the car with one. Stress keeps her from remembering to use the password. Also, she doesn’t realize there are multiple Jasons until after getting in the car.

Though finally, Daniela and Charlie make it to the Bean and meet with Jason1 wrapping up the 8 episode journey of Jason getting back to them. Though with Jason2 likely not dead and theoretically infinite numbers of Jason1 existing in Chicago, there are still a lot of story beats to wrap-up.

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Overall, the penultimate episode of Dark Matter was a tense episode that kept the plot moving. We finally got to see Jason make it back to his own world. Daniela realized who Jason2 actually was. And we wrapped up plot threads while creating some new ones as we head into the final episode.

Well Paced
Jason2 Falling Apart
Jason Finally Gets Back
Daniela Gets Her Moment

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