Sometimes people want something different in life, only to find that it isn’t enough for them. In Dark Matter Episode 6, Jason2 struggles with adapting to the life he’s always wanted, while Jason1 continues his search for his world and family.

Dark Matter is a nine-episode series based on Jason Crouch’s novel of the same name. With just three episodes left after this one, the attempt by Jason2 to steal the life and family of Jason1 has begun to unravel. As the walls close in, viewers begin to see the lengths that Jason2 will go to in order to protect the life he’s taken.

Suspicion Mounts in Dark Matter Episode 6

Daniela has been suspicious of the little things in Jason’s behavior for some time. In Episode 6, however, Jason2 makes a big mistake when he accidentally gives Charlie ice cream with nuts. After a trip to the emergency room, Daniela is convinced that something isn’t right. After trailing Jason2 to his secret storage compartment, Daniela discovers a vial of the injection that allows people to use the box. She involves Ryan, which only increases Jason2’s paranoia when he finds out.

A big part of Episode 6 is Jason2’s reactions to feeling that the walls are closing in around him. He is beginning to wonder if this life isn’t what he wants after all, and he continues to try to bring elements of his old life into it. While Jason1 is learning that life is about making the best of what you have, Jason2 is still on a quest to have the best of everything. That quest is costing people around him, and it is making everyone in his life suspicious of him.

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Jason2 wants the life Jason1 had, but he wants his own version of that life. He wants to be with Daniela, but he wants her to be the version of Daniela from his own world. To that end, he takes an unfinished painting by Daniela and places it on display in a gallery, humiliating Daniela in front of her friends and colleagues. Jason2 doesn’t understand why she is angry, as it is exactly what his version of Daniela would have wanted.

Desperation Begins to Take Hold

Each of the Jasons’ actions demonstrates one of the central themes of Dark Matter. Early in the show, Jason1 acted like each world he visited was thrust upon him. Then, he realized that his mood, thoughts, and approach helped shaped the world he walked into when he opened the door. But the contrast between the two Jasons highlights the effect they each have on those around them.

Jason1’s family was happy because of how the man he was fit in with them. Jason2 has different priorities and is much more selfish, and his relationships with Daniela and Charlie are much different and worse as a result. Meanwhile, Jason1 and Amanda grow closer as they travel from world to world because Amanda recognizes him as a much more thoughtful and emotionally intelligent version of the Jason she knew. Amanda even goes as far as to tell Jason1 that he is far different from her Jason, and that Jason2 would not be able to find the same happiness.

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We also see what each Jason is willing to do to achieve his end. Whereas Jason1 always has care and compassion in mind, Jason2 will sacrifice anyone and anything around him to keep his secret alive. In Episode 6, Ryan is lost when Jason2 finds out that Ryan knows about the compound. To preserve his secret, Jason2 offers to show Ryan the box but leaves him trapped in the world they visit, effectively removing him from Ryan’s original world.

Setting Up A Big Finale

With only three episodes to go, there are a lot of questions left to be answered in Dark Matter. Episode 6 explores the motivations and differences of the two Jasons, and it is the turning point for Daniela’s ability to trust Jason2. Ultimately, “Superposition” is a great setup for what is yet to come, and fans will enjoy the dueling Jasons’ approach to their problems.

Great character development
Jennifer Connelly’s Daniela really shines
Poor Ryan can’t catch a break
Still a bit too much exposition

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