In the realm of World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore, some new updates – also known as the Rules of Engagement – have come about that’ll surely change the name of the game. Some of these changes were implemented to enhance the experience of the gameplay while still maintaining a sense of fairness among the different levels of players.

Fortunately, some things are included from the original World of Warcraft, such as all of the Content phases which focuses more on the journey, not the destination. In spite of the updates and changes, there will still be some aspects from the original for that feeling of nostalgia.

Death is Inescapable:

World Of Warcraft

If you happen to be taken out by an enemy or the equivalent, you will be unable to resurrect or heal yourself like before. Even if you happen to have special abilities linked to healing or something similar, they are no longer useful to you. However, you aren’t completely destroyed if you get snuffed. You can still exist as a ghost and perform various tasks, such as communicating with your friends who are still a part of the Hardcore Realm but your options are limited.

For example, if you’ve “died”, you have the option to take advantage of the Free Character Move service which essentially moves your character to another area outside of the Hardcore Realm. Here, you can be fully resurrected but you’ll be permanently denied access to the Hardcore Realm. Make sure that if you plan on venturing into No Man’s Land, your skills are up to par or you’ll definitely get snuffed for good.

Player V Player:

To make things a little more fair, aggressive tactics used against other players are only allowed if the player who initially attacked flagged themselves first. So essentially, if someone wants to attack a flagged player, they must flag themselves – to do this, type /pvp – since flagging someone automatically is no longer viable. However, keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to enemy factions so you can still be flagged even if you haven’t flagged yourself.

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PVP Battlegrounds and Warfare are Hasta La Vista:

All PVP battlegrounds and battle masters are permanently disabled due to an extremely defensive strategy players adopt when entering the field. Because the stakes are so high, some players are hesitant to go on the offensive or opt out of fighting altogether in the hopes of maintaining their status and rewards. For those who like to live on the edge, there are pre-arranged Wargames you can still participate in.

Quest Update:

Some quests/objectives that previously required a player to die in order for things to progress are no longer a requirement. Since death in the Wargames is now permanent, it wouldn’t really make sense for this to be the case, so other options have been considered and implemented for players to still experience different quests and complete their objectives.

Kept on a Tight Leash:

To keep things balanced, there is only a certain area in which creatures specific to a level or realm can venture. For instance, creatures originating from a higher level cannot go down to the lower levels and hang out. That will definitely cause lots of issues so “leashing” was put into place to keep things relatively fair. The explore zone is still rather large so you won’t have to worry about feeling too constricted during the gameplay.

24-Hour Time Limit:

For players ranked below level 60, the developers implemented a 24-hour time limit that’ll lock you out once the timer hits zero. Essentially, the goal is to incentivize players to maximize the time spent in the “easier” levels so they can advance quicker. The game developers don’t want the players spending the majority of their time gallivanting in the dungeons so the time limit will push them to get a move on. Also, because of the time discrepancies, those in the higher levels – above level 60, that is – are unable to travel to the lower levels, no matter the reason.

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Buffs and Rebuffs:

Wanting to elevate the experience for the players, the developers have decided to remove any buffs and rebuffs originally created for the World of Warcraft Classic which was released in 2019. Now there is more room for experimentation among the builds and classes the players can indulge in without any set parameters to consider.

No More Hearthstone:

An ability specific to the Paladins is the use of a Hearthstone which is basically a tool that can be used to recover from death, therefore reducing the risk factor. Going back to the rules of the Hardcore Realm, it was established that all death is permanent, and if one wishes to be resurrected, they would need to remove themself from the realm. Allowing a specific class to utilize their Hearthstone – i.e. Bubble Hearth – kind of defeats the whole purpose of existing in the Hardcore Realm to begin with. To level the playing field, that ability is no longer available for Paladins.

Duel to the Death:

A new addition is the right to fight another player to the death if you both agree to it. Doing this can make you a more intimidating force amongst your peers, as well as elevate your status and receive trophies if you are victorious. To request a duel, you must:

  • Right-click on who you wish to fight and type /makgora in your chat box.
  • Carefully read the warning message and acknowledge the risks before typing “I Agree”.
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One of the rewards you can win is the String of Ears buff but it can only be won after surpassing level 10. Also, ensure that your target is not too far above or below you in terms of skill and caliber. That could prevent you from winning the buff even if you do win.

Fair Play All Around:

Finally, players actively seeking to ruin another player’s experience or prevent them from progressing in an unfair manner will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The goal is to ensure everyone enjoys the game and that can’t really happen when they’re a constant target of malicious killings and unfair treatment. While unfortunate happenings are bound to occur, making it a point to ruin someone else’s journey will be taken very seriously. Keep it simple and fair for everyone.

Source: Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore was released on June 29th.


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