Welcome to Part 2 of the Psychonauts guide. This is where the imagery can gets quite surreal. You’ll be traversing Sasha Nein’s and Raz’s brains. Let’s jump in!

You can explore the other areas surrounding the main camp grounds. If you want to advance the story, locate the GPC and Wilderness on your map. Once you free the kid from inside a Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber, you’ll notice a button is missing. Equip and use it on the trapdoor within to enter.

The Psychonauts’ Brain Tumbler

Psychonauts Collective Unconscious Raz Sasha Nein

You’ll fall into Sasha Nein’s lab. Talk to him, and he’ll set up the Brain Tumbler to access Raz’s own mind. Sasha introduces the Collective Unconscious, a fast travel among minds you’ll explore. You can only enter your own for now, so head in.

Raz’s Mind

Inside is a gypsy caravan sitting in the void. Before heading inside there’s a mental vault scurrying around. It’ll reveal how Raz got to Whispering Rock.

Psychonauts Gypsy Caravan

When you do enter the gypsy cart the static fuzz envelops you, but you can break free by hitting the walls. Turns out, you were inside an egg. You can find the purse tag sitting behind where you just hatched. Now follow the unfamiliar animal entity, a bunny.

In this level, some thorny briars scratch at you. You can melee, but you’ll soon learn Pyrokinesis. With it, you can prevent any damage by setting them aflame from afar.

Psychonauts Raz Monster

Don’t worry about the figments for now – you’ll return. As you chase the bunny, you can find the steamer trunk tag as well as something more menacing. Some kind of obscured monster with glowing eyes creeps toward Raz. Thankfully, Sasha pulls him out just in time.

Now he’s safe in Sasha’s lab. Raz is rightfully concerned about said monster, but Sasha promises to train him. Before he can do that, Raz must get his Marksmanship Learner’s Permit from Ford Cruller. Conveniently, there’s a hollowed out tree stump in the corner of the lab.

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You’ve probably seen these stumps are all over the map; they’re for fast travel. Like so many performances in Psychonauts, I love the mine cart’s exaggerated voice here.

Ford Cruller’s Psychonaut Sanctuary

Psychonauts Ford Cruller Lab Raz

Simply speak with Cruller and he’ll hand over the permit. You’ll probably have enough ranks to learn Pyrokinesis. Below the platform, you can combine PSI Cores and Cards to increase PSI Rank. You may need to convert some to obtain PSI Blast. In addition, you can untangle mental cobwebs for cards.

Finally, Cruller will give you some bacon. You can use it anywhere to summon him and he’ll give you tips. Once you have Pyrokinesis, PSI Blast, and the permit, head back to Sasha’s lab through the tree stump.

Sasha’s Shooting Gallery

Psychonauts Sasha Nein Cube

Talk to Sasha to enter his mind, one of my favorite level designs. He’s got an achromatic Bauhaus theme going on. He’ll teach you how to use PSI Blast.

Sasha produces a valve which slowly spouts the common enemy, Censors. Raz needs to defeat one thousand to earn a Marksmanship Merit Badge. Obviously, he doesn’t have the time. Once Sasha leaves and the valve stands unguarded, you can see where this is going.

The Bedroom

Raz cranks the device to lethal levels, forcing Sasha to step back in. Now the levels begin. Scale the structures to PSI Blast the targets and stop the flood of enemies. The first bedroom level has pretty much everything in plain view. On the bed are the vault, the dufflebag tag, and the hatbox tag. The bag is on the floor while the box is on the bedpost.

Psychonauts Sasha Nein Level One

The combat feels rather clunky, so you may get stun-locked and die multiple times. At least, I know I did. Eliminate enemies quickly so they can’t swarm you. Their attack speed and range can catch you off-guard. You don’t have many invincibility frames, so recovery can be difficult.

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Psychonauts Sasha Nein Level Two

The second level features pillars and platforms. Climb them to hit the target. The Censors here are tankier and can shoot ranged blasts, but the targets aren’t too far away. This level is pretty straightforward; just hop onto the platforms. You can find the purse tag early on while the purse sits on the final platform.


Psychonauts Personal Demon Sasha Nein Level Three

A new enemy will attack you in level three. Personal Demons are orange and purple bomb-cats that detonate themselves. PSI Blast them from afar to avoid the explosion; they drop health and ammo. Again, pretty straightforward. Scale the tower of shoeboxes, slide down the measuring tape, and hit the targets. Another vault can be found roaming around here.

Fiery Stairs

Psychonauts Sasha Nein Level Four

Afterward, the fourth level crops up. Just climb the stairs as the enemies assail you. At the top is an extra life and the final target. The suitcase and its tag can be found along the staircase.

Sasha’s Mega Censor

Psychonauts Mega Censor Raz Sasha Nein

This is your first boss battle! It’s quite the trial. Before facing the hulking Censor head-on, you must eliminate the five valves around the cube. They keep producing Censors who heal the boss. Once you eliminate the valves, the boss won’t be healed. Instead, the spawning minions will target you! Now you can attack the giant Censor.

The key here is to kite the enemies. Shoot a few blasts at the boss. Then retreat so the minions don’t swarm you. Clear them and refocus the big Censor. Rinse and repeat until it goes down. Make sure you lock-on and jump around since the two function in tandem. The mini Censors also drop health and ammo when defeated. You’ll most likely have to take hits from them.

Psychonauts Mega Censor Sasha Nein

In my experience, you can’t to run away very far. The game sort of limits the range of Raz’s mobility, forcing him to circle the boss when in range. It can be frustrating when going after the valves. Defeat the boss, and you’ll be awarded your Marksmanship Merit badge!

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Back To The Lab Again

Not again! Anyway, you return to Sasha’s lab. If you hit Rank 20, you can learn Telekinesis in Cruller’s sanctuary. When you’re ready, use the Brain Tumbler to reenter Raz’s psyche. Once inside, follow the bunny again and simply blast the monster away.

You’ll find the purse and can hear the steamer trunk nearby as well. It’s on an elevated platform/wall. There’s a whole upper level to explore. As you progress, find the dufflebag and suitcase tags. Then go back to where you found the steamer trunk. Trapeze your way across and climb the stalactite. Complete the obstacle course, scour the area, and you’ll find the dufflebag and the suitcase.

Psychonauts Dogen Loboto

Once done, keep following the bunny and you’ll run into the hatbox tag. Enter the clearing where a thorny tower awaits. In it, a dentist prepares to extract Dogen’s brain! But first, search the area for the hatbox tag, a vault, and a max life upgrade.

Psychonauts Raz Meat

Back to the mission at hand, follow the bunny up the giant, spiraling vine. You’re close to the top, until a large piece of meat blocks your path? Walk up to it and Sasha will instruct you to Levitate; which you can’t do yet. You’ll be kicked out and directed to Agent Milla Vodello, the Mental Minx.

Psychonauts Guide Part 3

Clairvoyance Sasha Raz Psychonauts

How Sasha Nein views Raz

In part 3, we’ll learn Levitation and explore another one of my favorite level designs, Milla Vodello’s psyche!

Psychonauts is available on Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox.

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