Capcom is having a rather big year so far with the release of several big-name titles. From the remake of Resident Evil 4, the latest entry in their long-running fighting game series Street Fighter 6, and their new horde shooter Exoprimal, these titles did garner large amounts of players to play and enjoy them all. However, while we wait for more information on the return of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom did share some rather interesting details on something we are unaware of. A game to release by March 2024 will be another blockbuster title.

The Capcom Unannounced Game via Earnings Call

Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki was on Twitter sharing what he heard from a recent Capcom Quarterly Earnings call. While we got some nice information, the one tweet everyone was focusing on was the one talking about an unannounced title.

While it can be fun to see a shareholder accidentally blurt out a title of a game that was not officially announced yet (my condolences to Mortal Kombat 1, which at the time was referred to as “Mortal Kombat 12”), this has plenty of people speculating what this title could be.

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Could the unannounced title from Capcom be the next entry in Monster Hunter?

While there are plenty of Capcom titles many could think of, many Capcom fans are looking towards Monster Hunter as this supposed unannounced title. With Monster Hunter Rise wrapping up Sunbreak back in June, this leaves the series open to announce the next title in the series. It is difficult to say if it will take the same path as Rise and look to release on all platforms, or will look to release on the current generation of consoles like what we saw with Monster Hunter World back in 2018.

Of course, there are other Capcom series we could point to that could also make a return such as Devil May Cry or the next Resident Evil title (whether it is the next remake or possibly Resident Evil 9). We could get more outlandish with our speculations, but it is probably fair to say that whoever this unannounced title could be, we could possibly find out what it could be as early as either Gamescom (August 23-27) or the Tokyo Game Show (September 21-24). We will just have to wait and see what it could be in due time.

What game do you think it is going to be?

Do you think this game will be Monster Hunter? Or could we perhaps see the return of fan-favorite series like Ace Attorney or even Capcom’s other big fighting game series? And have you been playing any of Capcom’s 2023 releases this year? Leave your thoughts and opinions down below and be sure to follow us here at Strangely Awesome for more on Capcom and the Gaming World.

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