Call of Duty Zombies was once again confirmed for another go-around. While there will be some original Black Ops 6 maps, the Call of Duty franchise does not shy away from remakes or remasters. Fans can likely expect the return of some popular older maps they enjoyed in the past.

These are the most realistic picks that we think could or should be in Black Ops 6. This is considering all maps from World at War, BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4, and Cold War. These maps were carefully selected. Some conclusions we came to regarding possible characters making their returns from the trailers that we’ve seen thus far. Others are maps that are yet to, but deserved to be, remastered. Without further ado, these are ten Call of Duty Zombies maps that we want back in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Call of the Dead (Tag der Toten in BO4, OG from BO1)

Wasn’t this remade back in BO4?”, you may ask. Yes, it was. But remember, Black Ops 4 was infamous for ending the Aether Storyline. This map was remade as “Tag der Toten” in BO4. This was considered the end of the storyline back when the DLC was released in 2019 just before Modern Warfare. The BO4 map did not include the major cast that most of us grew up with in 2010, but instead hosted the famous Victis group (Stulinger, Marlton, Misty, and Russman).

Tag Der Toten was also one of the easier maps to play. While it was great for the story, fans – including myself – still want the original Call of the Dead to make its return. If Treyarch wants to implement features from Tag, they can still make it slightly different by putting the positives of both maps into it. For example, you can take the sunsetting atmosphere from Tag Der Toten, and use it as a state in a weather cycle. Imagine, it gets cloudy when George Romero spawns, and then the five rounds or so in between can be a nice sunset. You can also thin out the snow a bit like they did on Tag. This could work great, given that this was the original from Black Ops 1, and would likely not be considered for the reported Black Ops 2 sequel in 2025.

Mob of the Dead (Blood of the Dead in BO4, OG from BO2)

The original Mob of the Dead is one of the most popular maps in the entire Call of Duty Zombies series. The map featured an amazing cast of playable characters. Better yet, they were portrayed by iconic actors. The cast includes the late Ray Liotta as “Billy”, Chazz Palminteri as “Sal”, Michael Madson as “Finn”, and Joe Pantoliano as “Weasel”.

A map located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, CA…what a way to entertain the fans! It was an immediate hit, and is still considered to be one of the greatest maps in Zombies history over a decade out. Mob of the Dead’s gameplay has incredible depth, with “Brutus” as the Warden-turned-Zombie Boss and the plane parts spread individually around the prison. Not to mention, the setting itself gives players the chill.

This map in Black Ops 2 Zombies naturally has players experience the story, because there is simply no other way to escape. This could be in next year’s Call of Duty, but according to SportsKeeda, Activision is bringing back “Brutus” in the Black Ops 6 Vault Edition. A leaked image showcases an operator skin which resembles the character. This could tease that Mob of the Dead can make a return to the series; potentially as early as when Black Ops 6 releases, or as part of a post-launch DLC package.

Ancient Evil (Black Ops 4)

This should be a given if Scarlett Rhodes is truly making her return in Black Ops 6, as fans have speculated after seeing a new character in the first gameplay teaser. If it were true, it would make the most sense to have this map and Voyage of Despair return.

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Character-wise, this would be the best fit. Otherwise, this map is insanely easy, it has the Hand of Charon, one of the best wonder weapons in all of Black Ops Zombies. Overall, Ancient Evil is well-praised, especially among the Chaos Story in Black Ops 4. Don’t be surprised if this comes in Black Ops 6, as Treyarch clearly have some love for the Chaos crew and their maps, which deserve a second chance among fans.

Voyage of Despair (Black Ops 4)

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous one listed in Ancient Evil. The same the same group of people are playable in this map. A few maps brought in from Black Ops 4 aren’t the worst idea. While they may still be fresh in our minds, 2018 and 2019 when the Chaos maps released is now between five and six years ago. Time travels fast, and Call of Duty Zombies maps are not exempt from this conscription.

It is too bad the map was considered one of the worst of the Chaos maps, as it does hare great positives. For one, the setting is phenomenal. Voyage of Despair is set on the Titanic, which gives Mob of the Dead vibes as it’s in a realistic historical setting. The map had so much potential just from that alone. If it were modified just a tad bit to be more player-friendly, the map could overall be better than it was in 2018. I wouldn’t include this map, but if Scarlett Rhodes really does return in Black Ops 6 Zombies, some of her maps are sure to follow.

IX (Black Ops 4)

IX is one of the more favored maps to play in Black Ops 4 for many reasons. First and foremost, the setting is insanely beautiful. It takes place in a Roman Coliseum, hence the Roman Numerals “IX” as the name for this map. If you have a great setting, you already are 60% done with a successful map.

Gameplay in IX Iis a great process, as you have to kill the four bosses from the four temples to unlock Pack-A-Punch. It’s simplistic, it’s not at all a very challenging map, and it can be played just by yourself or with your friends. This map is one of the best maps since Revelations in my personal opinion. However, it can be debated as the best map in the Chaos storyline. The only thing I’ll say against IX is that it can be a bit overwhelming at times with the various types of Zombies and Bosses. However, if you can work your way through and be smart about the approach, you’ll be fine. This for sure would be a welcome inclusion in the new BO6.

Shadows of Evil (Black Ops 3)

This can be a tad controversial depending on how you look at it, but from my perspective, Shadows of Evil needs more recognition than what it originally got. From an outsider’s perspective, this was a launch map that many people didn’t seem too invested in. They were either too busy playing The Giant, or they didn’t know what to really do in this map unless they did research. Shadows of Evil can be difficult to get into, and some people would rather just play the game and try to survive than do quests.

However, if you invest in this map, you will learn how carefully sculpted it truly is. Treyarch was smart with this map, and made the unique choice to depict a city atmosphere in the 1940s. The map takes place in Morg City, inspired by the eras Noir films. There are three different branches of the map, which are separated from the spawn point at the beginning of the game. Those three different districts each relate to one of the characters on the map. It can be a bit challenging, but the map is fun to play once you invest your time in it and actually get to know its layout and mechanics. This has not gotten the recognition it deserves among some fans. Since it hasn’t made an appearance in just short of a decade’s worth of Black Ops games, it’s time.

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Revelations (Black Ops 3)

While “Revelations” is still considered to be only decent towards most of the fanbase, it’s such a creative and completely innovative map. It’s certainly no, Nacht Der Untoten, where you are in only one area and trapped inside a building. Revelations is filled with nostalgia, and it was overall a fun and easy map to play on.

However, the map itself definitely has its downsides. Besides how eventful it can get, the nostalgia trip can ware out shortly. There are also so many wonder weapons that, I will argue, are insanely overpowered which makes the game not as fun nor challenging for fans who prefer Zombies to get more in-depth. If you play a map like Origins or Shadows of Evil, the game gets instantly challenging the second its time to get rid of the starting pistol. Perhaps, with Revelations, since it’s the last map of Black Ops 3 Treyarch were trying to undo that and make it easier. However, they might’ve overdone it, and maybe it didn’t have to be that easy. But again, there’s some special about the re-appearance of Nacht Der Untoten, Der Eisendrache, Kino Der Toten, Verruckt, Mob of the Dead, and Origins through portals with many escape routes to take within each map. It’s nice to play, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring this back in Black Ops 6 to let players take a trip down memory lane.

Die Rise (Black Ops 2)

A lot of players didn’t like how this Zombies map turned out. Still, many of those fans agree that this was one of the more creative maps that Treyarch had put out at the time. Die Rise has an interesting concept for sure. The map takes place across two skyscrapers. It sees players going up the elevators that hold perks, wielding a wonder weapon that makes zombies slip-and-slide, and traversing many areas and floors players can use to train.

However, these can all be problematic; You can get easily trapped in the elevators and die immediately, the Sliquifier gun can kill you if you’re not careful, and the buildings themselves allow you to fall to your death. One wrong jump, or even just averting your attention for a moment can end the game at just round one. But again, there’s the challenge of this map, and the rumors about CoD devs mixing the old with some new. If that’s the case, why not include it in either Black Ops 6 or the game in 2025? It’s definitely part of the Aether storyline and these two games are supposed to be coming in back-to-back years. I’ll be okay with their inclusion either, honestly. It seems like Die Rise’s return is inevitable, as its been rumored to return in a Zombies Chronicles follow up since as early as 2017.

Gorod Krovi (Black Ops 3)

Want to play against dragons? This is the map for you. This map is insane, so where to begin? The Ray Gun Mark 3 is your wonder weapon or the sheer amount of space to train Zombies. Going to the later rounds, it becomes incredibly adrenaline-rising and can be very thrilling to play. However, it does have its partial weaknesses, such as the lackluster Easter Egg or the Valkyrie Drones blocking everything in sight. But if you ignore all that, this map is one of the best maps in Black Ops 3. That says a lot, considering how many fan-favorite maps are in this game. Especially when you factor in the best maps in Zombies Chronicles, add this in Black Ops 6, and you have yourself a all-star list already.

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Before we go to the final entry on this list, there is one honorable mention that I wanted to make to acknowledge a map that could ALSO be in Black Ops 6 for various reasons…

Honorable Mention: Five (Black Ops 1)

…and it’s the map I used to play on all the time in Black Ops 1. While not the most popular one by any means, it’s still a concept that could relate to the campaign story of Call of Duty Black Ops 6. In the first teaser trailer included several historical figures such as President Bill Clinton, since the game will take place in the Gulf War. I

In Black Ops 1, they included President John F. Kennedy in this game as they did with the campaign in that game as well. This could be game-specific, but if you change this up and include characters like President Bill Clinton, it would be more relatable to the game’s theme. The only reason this is an honorable mention and not on the actual list is that they already remastered this map from its original piece in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which turned out for the worse. If they don’t change the layout and the dimensions but include different characters, I’m completely fine with that because it would be relatable to the game, as aforementioned. But the most obvious map that Black Ops 6 needs to bring back is listed below…

Der Eisendrache (Black Ops 3)

A Call of Duty Zombies map

One of the best maps in Call of Duty‘s entire “Zombies” history behind Mob of the Dead in my opinion. My favorite part of this map were the “Elemental Bows”, which all had their own individual schtick to it. Even if you don’t want to do any of these quests and do just normal survival mode, the perks including Pack-A-Punch are incredibly easy to access. Overall, this is very player-friendly and I’m so glad that Treyarch didn’t touch this in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty Cold War. Just bring this map back as what it is and enhance the quality of the game into BO6‘s engine, and you have yourself another audience brought back into this game. Business-wise, if Treyarch was smart about it, have it as an external downloadable content from launch or include it in one of their pre-order editions and that way it’ll be a profitable return in no time.

This concludes the list, however I would want to make you better understand why I chose these maps in particular. As you’ve noticed, most of these maps are ones from BO3 and BO4 and yet, there are no other maps that I included were from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The reason being is because it’s too soon. BO3 and BO4 are games that were released just under a decade ago already, specifically BO3. But I also included more BO4 maps because of Scarlett Rhodes being rumored to making her return to the Zombies maps in BO6. Playing by the rules of hearsay for now, it has to be included because of the characters making their returns. Maps like “Moon” and “Nachkt Der Untoten” and many other iconic ones have been done to death with remasters so you can’t include all of them in there. The most logical ones are the ones who were saved for later games like this one, whether it was by design or coincidence. Either way, it all works out.

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