Call of Duty Warzone 2.0’s map is huge! Compared to Verdansk’s primarily urban setting, Al-Mazrah features several zones with varying degrees of density alongside numerous terrain elevation changes and wide-open areas. Cash spawns are also less plentiful in Warzone 2.0, meaning map knowledge regarding high-density loot areas is even more critical now than it was in the original Warzone.

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Last time, we showcased our top 5 assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. Still, like every Call of Duty game in the past, weapon knowledge and gun skill are only half the picture; charging up the cliffside guns blazing against a squad of snipers will earn you a one-way ticket to the Gulag. Do not be that guy! Let us help you position yourself in Al-Mazrah; whether you’re the slow tactical type or the aggressive rush kind of player, all can benefit from this guide. Let’s get started.


Landing and looting at the Airport promotes slower-driven gameplay upon starting the match. Relatively action free in general, though that largely depends on the plane’s flight path, there is almost guaranteed loot by the hangar areas and hidden loot capsules by the farthest edge of the destroyed runway.

These hidden capsules are nearly the equivalent of a rare orange loot box in that they have killstreaks at a higher drop rate. There is a helicopter by the hangars for quick evac out of the area or if targeting strongholds is your objective.

For aggressive players, the roof layout of the old Terminal map can provide multiple angles for assaulting unsuspecting players; this is especially so in late-game scenarios. One disadvantage, however, is that crossing northwards from Airport leaves you coverless while traversing the highway network; players are easy shots from people camping around Ahkdar Village.

The best bet is to acquire the helicopter early before looting and using it as a surefire way to escape; there is a lower chance of getting shot down that getting riddled with bullets crossing the street.

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Al Mazrah City

The heart of urban action, the city itself is a complex maze that can cater to both passive and aggressive players alike. The old “High Rise” building is almost always an excellent place to land as there are likely several loot boxes waiting for you near the helipad, apart, of course, from being an overall good lookout point for surveying other parachuting players.

At this point, you could chase them down while they’re busy landing and getting their bearings or take the stairs or elevator and loot the office area and central helipad. Remember, there is also a police station on the northwestern edge of the city; on the second floor, check the weapons cabinet for decent weapons, which can be helpful early in the match.

Another tip would be to familiarize yourself with the building layouts for exit purposes from airstrikes or mortar strikes; this is especially important as killstreaks can easily send your entire team to the Gulag if you’re not careful. Also, during late-game matches, jumping and parachuting down from tall buildings while enemies are camping you out, waiting for you to do precisely that is an instant rage-filled ticket to the main menu.

It does, and it will happen.

Zaya Observatory

While the High-rise building might provide a good lookout point for the cityscape, Zaya, on the other hand, provides a good lookout point for a good portion of the entire map, not to mention it lies in the center of multiple POIs; Sa’id City on the west, Ahkdar Village and Al Sharim pass on the east, Sarrif bay in the south, and Hydroelectric and Marshlands in the north, with relatively easy exfil routes via parachute.

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This makes it a pivotal point to control early in the game; the only problem with that is that most players probably think the same as well, so expect heavy combat situations in the entire area. The key to survival while progressing in the area is cleverly using the jagged terrain and what buildings you can find for cover. The east side radar dome area is relatively clear of covering terrain and features a steep drop-off cliff overlooking Marshlands and Al Sharim pass, an excellent place to get easy kills with a sniper rifle.

Oasis/Taraq Village

If early-game survivability is paramount, it will be difficult to find any fault landing at Oasis; there is a meager chance that you’ll be encountering any other players, primarily upon the initial parachute landing, as most would most likely go to either Rohan Oil or Taraq Village. Numerous hidden caches are littered across the sand dunes; these can boost your arsenal early on with weapons, cash, and killstreaks.

Killstreaks like Precision Airstrike or the Mortar strike are especially important as the only major downside to the Oasis area is that cover is lacking from an almost 360-degree angle. If there are players nearby, they will most likely be at an advantage as the combat situation is Call of Duty’s version of whack a mole, and you’re the mole. Use those killstreaks as a distraction! Taraq Village should be your next destination as it provides more cover than Oasis, in addition to two stronghold spawn points and a Helicopter in the area if you’re lucky.


Like Oasis, Cemetery is abundant with high-value loot caches. Like Oasis, it is virtually cover-free as well; unlike Oasis, however, several POIs nearby can be traversed easily on foot, dodging in and out of what little cover there is. A popular haven for players is the small apartment complex north of the Cemetery that you can duck into if the firefight gets a bit too heated, and just across the river is Sa’id city, a central urban zone with the Shopping Center and Police station being another viable loot area, with the added bonus of using the Shopping Center’s roof as a lookout point for potential threats flying down from Zaya to the east or northwards from Caves.

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That wraps up our guide on the best locations in Warzone 2.0 to drop in, loot, and hopefully get out in one piece. Note that we did not include much about Strongholds and Blacksites as these are usually random in nature; if capturing these fits more into your playstyle, then I would suggest controlling the listed areas until the strongholds spawn about 0:10 seconds before the circle closes in or simply securing a helicopter for a quick method to traverse the map.

Do bear in mind that these are more guidelines; your decision on where to land with your squad should consider other factors, like where the plane’s flight path is or where the circle zone is currently. After all, these two factors will ultimately determine survivability in the match; with that said, we hope this guide will make the decision-making process more straightforward, and instead of flying around up in the air wondering where to go, you’re down looting and getting ready to rock!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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