Activision’s Call of Duty is rappelling from its first-person-shooter origins to a tabletop near you. Arcane Wonders, publisher of best-selling strategy games Sheriff of Nottingham and Onitama, is designing a board game based on the fast-paced shooter.

Set in the world of 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, Call of Duty: The Board Game aims to deliver the high-octane thrills of its predecessors. The base game will support two players, which can be doubled by combining additional game sets.

The Upcoming Call of Duty Board game based on Modern Warfare back in 2019

Modern Warfare (2019)

Arcane Wonders plans to release Call of Duty: The Board Game in late 2024. The game emphasizes the same strategy and position that are crucial to any competitive match. Line-of-sight awareness, tactical movement, and solid teamwork will all come into play.

Players can work together in a story-based campaign mode, or they can battle it out in tournament-style matches. Arcane Wonders will include popular maps from the series and a Zombie mode planned for a later release.

Arcane Wonders partnered with Call of Duty publisher Activision for licensing, but they will rely on crowd-funding for development. A Kickstarter campaign is expected to open in late 2023.

Doom: The Board Game

Call of Duty is the latest action series jumping into the strategy genre. Players enjoy the shift in perspective and mechanics if games like Doom: The Board Game, Tomb Raider Go or Hitman Go are any indication.

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