Modern Warfare 3’s live service content has been released with its first season which includes a new battle pass, operator, and some additional features. These new features give old players a chance to return as well as new players extra incentive to play the game. One of the features that has been added is the prestige system that has been a staple of the franchise for well over a decade, with the exception of Modern Warfare(2019). Despite it being a feature fans are familiar with, it has been altered to work with its new style of content in Call of Duty MW3

How Prestige Works In MW3

Prestige System in MW3

Because Modern Warfare 3 is a live service game with seasonal content, the prestige system has been changed in order to keep players progressing each season. At the start of this season, players who were at the previous max level of 55 can rank up further. Once they reach level 56, they will automatically become prestige 1 and can move onto prestige 2 at level 100. This is different from previous games where players had to manually go to a menu to select the option to go to prestige mode when they reached the level cap which would also reset their progress back to level 1. 

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From prestige 2 onward, each prestige is marked in increments of 50 levels. Each prestige will be indicated by an emblem that will appear next to their level. Currently, players can reach up to prestige 5 or level 250. Each season afterwards will add more prestige ranks to progress through. A player’s prestige rank can be seen as a testament to their dedication and persistence. 

Prestige Challenges

Prestige Challenges in MW3

With each prestige rank there is a set of prestige challenges, varying in difficulty, that will be unlocked once players reach said rank. These challenges can be a fun way for players to test their skills when playing multiplayer or warzone. Completing each challenge will reward the player with a new calling card. If all challenges in a set are completed, a mastery calling card will be given to the player for that prestige that they can then show off in their showcase, or when they are comparing calling cards when they are playing friends. Because of the inclusion of the new zombies mode, there are separate sets of challenges for that mode and multiplayer/warzone. Mastery calling cards can be a way for players to show off their skills and achievements. 

Modern Warfare 3 is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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