In the next installment of the juggernaut series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes with it the Graphical Accessibility Settings that more than 40% of the fanbase utilized in the previous installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the last 30 days, there have been approximately 101,247 active players on COD: MW 3 according to This fairly popular menu is welcoming new features with a warm embrace from the COD fanbase. Here are the three features detailed on the COD: MW3 website.

High Contrast Mode (Campaign Only)

This “enables players with vision impairment or color blindness to see their allies and enemies more clearly.” In this mode, allies are outlined in a blue-green hue and enemies are outlined in red, both adjusting in real-time. According to the COD: MW3 website, over half of COD gamers who played COD: MW2 made changes to their graphical accessibility settings, including Motion Blur, Field of View, and Camera Movement.

Low Motor Strain

Low Motor Strain reduces the “physical effort required when playing.” When enabled, gamers will see fewer button presses are required, fewer button holds are required, and sensitivity increases.

This new feature will also be grouped with its predecessor presets involving simplified controls, audio/visual support, visual support, and motion reduction. The Low Motor Strain feature is ideal for gamers who need these accessibility features and want to easily jump into a match or campaign.

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Settings Menu Updates

There are more than 500 settings that are now tagged for players to customize in motor, vision, audio, and cognitive adjustments. The robust menu also allows players to preview changes made to settings while in-game prior to saving globally. For the Deadzone community, players can fine tune how much control they have with motor effort and have that reflected on the Test Stick Deadzone where players get a visual preview of the adjustments made of the left and right thumbsticks.

While PC players might find these features more desirable than console players, the controller customization can be just as important as a console player’s K/D Ratio. COD: MW3 players who customize their settings will find these new features to enhance their gamer experience, from the casual gamer to the serious Esports contender.

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