CODMAS has just been released as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s new Christmas event. This event brings new challenges as well as content for players looking for something new to try in any of the online modes. New content that ranges from new limited time modes to re-skinned maps give this game some extra flavor for those looking for more interesting content.These features will be available until January 3rd. 


Santa’s Slayground Challenges

Santa's Slayground Challenges in MW3

These are a group of challenges that can be completed for special in-game rewards that all lead up to a mastery reward, the Ugliest Sweater blueprint for the DG-58 LSW. These challenges can be completed, and rewards can be unlocked, through any of the online modes with the challenges being different for each. 

Get 10 Operator Kills with Marksman RiflesUnderbaker
Get 15 Operator Kills with Assault RiflesDouble Weapon XP Token
Get 15 Operator Kills with SMGsTier Skip
Get 15 Operator Kills with snowballsMistle Toe
Get 15 Operator Kills with Sniper RiflesDeadly Knit
Get 15 Operator Kills with snowballs at over 25mLil’ Krampus
 Place in the top 5 15 timesSanta’s Right Hand Finisher

Slay Ride Resurgence

Santa in Cod Warzone

Slay Ride Resurgence is the new mode added to Warzone that adds a multitude of new content to the Urzikstan map along with the usual Resurgence rules. In this mode, players can squad up to fight Santa aboard the train moving around the map. Defeating Santa will reward players with loot as well as a special emblem to celebrate their success. 

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Christmas Tree in COD Warzone

Also featured in this mode are Christmas tree capture points. Standing on these points will upgrade the trees to tiers 2 and 3. Tier 3 will grant squads the maximum quality of loot that can be acquired. This loot can include weapons, killstreaks, and cash. 

There will also be the addition of coolers placed around the map for players to stock up on snowballs to use as weapons. Reindeers will also be spawning on the map, and they will be marked by a green circle on the minimap for players to hunt down for extra loot. Squads should also keep a lookout for secrets on the map while playing this mode. 


Santa’s Slayground Challenges

 Get 40 Operator melee kills with Stalker Boots equippedUnderbaker
Get 40 kills with a weapon picked up from another playerDouble Weapon XP Token
Get 100 Operator Kills with the DG-58 LSWTier Skip
Get 6 Operator Kills in SnowfightMistle Toe
Get 40 Operator Headshot Kills with a Sniper, DMR, or Battle RifleDeadly Knit
Get 30 Operator Kills while playing Infectious HolidayLil’ Krampus
Get 5 Operator Kills while sliding or crouchingSanta’s Right Hand Finsher

Christmas Themed Maps

Hangover Map in MW3

Hangover is a reimagining of the classic map, Highrise. This map comes with its own playlist that allows players to compete in game modes such as Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint. 

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Shipmas Map in MW3

Shipmas is, of course, a Christmas themed version of Shipment. This map also comes with its own 24/7 playlist that includes the mosh pit game modes. 

New Limited Time Modes

Snowfight in MW3

Infectious Holiday is a festive spin on the Infection game mode that involves every map in the game including Hangover, but excluding Shipment or Shipmas. Whenever players become infected in this mode, they will be turned into zombie Santas.

Another new mode is Snowfight which puts two teams of six against each other in a snowball fight with Gunfight rules on every available map. Players will spawn in with nothing and will have to scavenge snowballs that are spawned throughout the map. Once every round, a golden snowball will spawn somewhere on the map which is a one hit KO.


Santa’s Slayground Challenges

Get 5 Special Zombie Kills with melee weaponsUnderbaker
Get 400 kills with a wall buy weaponDouble Weapon XP Token
Get 400 kills with a Pack-A-Punched DG-58 LSWTier Skip
Get 25 kills with snowballsMistle Toe
Get 200 Critical Kills with Snipers, Marksman Rifles, or Battle RiflesDeadly Knit
Complete 8 ContractsLil’ Krampus
Get 50 kills with Stamin-Up activeSanta’s Right Hand Finisher

Christmas Themed Enemies

Christmas Themed COD Zombies

To align with the Christmas theme, the zombies have been re-skinned to be more festive with Santa hats, wreaths, and more. There has also been a Christmas theme added that plays when entering the map.

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Modern Warfare 3 is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC 

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