If you were to name the best TV series that has ever happened, a common answer would be Breaking Bad. It was truly fantastic and one of the few shows that can legitimately be argued as a 10/10 rated series. However, when you delve deep into the series, you’ll find that while there are mainly positives associated with the show, there are moments that have been negative, both within the TV series and beyond, that AMC would prefer to avoid mentioning. So, here are the 10 things that AMC wants you to forget about Breaking Bad.

10. Season 1 was originally going to be 9 Episodes

It is usually the norm that a TV series only gets a few episodes for the first few seasons. After all, it is not guaranteed that the show will be an immediate success. So there is a limited number of episodes for the 1st season. However, did you know that AMC had originally planned for Breaking Bad to have 9 episodes in the first season?

Yes, it is true. Season 1 was originally going to have more episodes. However, there was one thing that stopped that: the Writers Guild of America went on strike during the production of the 1st season. As a result, this halt lasted for multiple long months, and the season was cut to 7 episodes. While the series luckily survived, AMC would prefer you to forget that the 1st season was initially going to have a total of 9 episodes.

9. Not everybody in Albuquerque were a fan of there statues

In July 2022, the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, held a ceremony to unveil a Breaking Bad statue featuring the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. This decision seemed fitting, as “Breaking Bad” was famously set in Albuquerque and significantly contributed to the city’s popularity. The statue was initially scheduled to be revealed at the Albuquerque Convention Center, but not everyone in the area was thrilled with the idea.

Two prominent figures who voiced their displeasure were New Mexico Republican Rep. Rod Montoya and Albuquerque-based conservative radio talk show host Eddy Aragon. They were both quoted as saying that the statues “glorify meth makers.” This controversy escalated into a political dispute that even involved the mayor, who publicly criticized the two individuals. Despite the uproar, the statue was ultimately placed in the Albuquerque Convention Center and remains there to this day. It is in the best interests that AMC would like you to not remember the uproar and focus on the beautiful statue of a show that they were involved with.

8. The Pizza Prank Harassments

As a New Yorker, I love Pizza, and who doesn’t love pizza? Breaking Bad had an amazing scene involving everyone’s favorite Italian delicacy. In “Caballo sin Nombre” (season 3, episode 2), Walter wanted to settle things with his wife and brought pizza. of course Skyler denied and this got Walter angry that he through the pizza on top of the roof. Which is just crazy, especially as Cranston nailed it on his first attempt filming it.

Once this episode released a ton of fans were trying to recreate White’s pizza pitch. The fans decided to do this at the actual Albuquerque house. Which became problematic for the homeowners.

Francis and Louis Padilla, who started exploring ways to dissuade fans from trespassing on their property. As hundreds if not thousands of people were starting to throw pizza on top of there house. The harassment got so bad to a point where Francis no joke sat outside with a shotgun in a rocking chair and told others to stop harassing there house. I mean who can blame him.

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I mean even Vince Gilligan and Jonathan Banks were not happy with this level of pizza prank harassment going on and pled for those doing it to stop with the harassment.

The Pizza Prank’s kept going and going with AMC to the point where the family even put a put up a six-foot-tall iron fence to protect their property. The controversy mainly stems from a segment of fans using their obsession with Breaking Bad as a justification to do what they want. However AMC would like you to please stop with this nonsense and to forget that there scene in the show has lead to ongoing harassment from fans.

7. The Fly Episode

Almost every single episode of Breaking Bad is phenomenal or almost picture-perfect. However, some of those episodes are a bit controversial to some. What if I were to tell you that one of the most controversial episodes of the show involves a simple fly?

This episode occurred in Season 3, Episode 10, and it was, of course, called “Fly.” It was mainly a bottle episode, which focuses on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s relationship. How do they do this? Well, by trying to kill a fly in Gus Fring’s lab. This led to some absolute cartoonish nonsense throughout the episode where Walter and Jesse try to kill a fly, and it’s so silly.

There were a lot of negative reactions to the episode, and even some reviewers have called it the worst episode of the season. Even IMDb rated “Fly” as the lowest-rated episode in the entire series. It has a rating of 7.8, but it is the only one under an 8, which is telling.

In my opinion, this episode is absolute nonsense. It’s the only episode where I give a thumbs down to it, and there is just so much that doesn’t work in Breaking Bad. You could legitimately skip this episode and miss nothing, which is something that TV shows don’t want to have happen. AMC would like you to please enjoy the show and forget about the episode’s skipability and the more negative reviews it received.

6. Anna Gunn Got Death Threats from fans of the show

Anna Gunn, to me, is one of the most talented actresses in the Breaking Bad show. She did a phenomenal job in her performance as Skyler White in the show. Of course, Skyler is the wife of Walter, who is the main character of the show. She did a really good job of making others both hate her character and feel sympathetic at the same time. However, fans can get super crazy at times, and throughout the duration of the show, Anna Gunn received a ton of death threats.

In fact, Gunn would go on to reveal to The New York Times that there were multiple online groups devoted to hating her character Skyler, and she even received death threats from people in those groups. The death threats got so bad that Anna Gunn even contacted the police. I don’t blame her one bit for doing so. Death threats are not a joking matter; making them doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you an absolute jerk.

No matter what show it is, death threats do occur, but the level of threats that Anna Gunn received is something AMC would like you to forget—the insane amount that occurred, which even resulted in police involvement.

5. The Sad Demise of Isaac Kappy

This is a depressing entry on the list, but it’s important to include it as Isaac Kappy was associated with Breaking Bad. Kappy was an actor who appeared in multiple projects, including Thor, Terminator Salvation, and Breaking Bad.

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Sadly, his life was marred by controversial moments. Kappy was deeply involved with InfoWars and was a vocal supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory. He made accusations against numerous movie stars and producers, alleging their involvement in pedophilia, Satan worship, and sex trafficking rings.

Kappy faced several police investigations, with the most notable being threats he made against Seth Green and Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop singer Michael Jackson. The situation escalated to the point where Kappy allegedly physically assaulted Jackson at a party, causing her to fear for her safety and increase her security.

Tragically, in 2019, Kappy took his own life by jumping off an overpass into oncoming traffic in Arizona. Two innocent bystanders tried to prevent him from jumping, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Before his death, Kappy posted an apology on Instagram to various parties.

Kappy’s story is a sad one, marked by evident mental health struggles. Given the controversy surrounding his statements and the tragic circumstances of his passing, it’s understandable that AMC would like you to remember his contributions to Breaking Bad and his involvement in the world of cinema, rather than his darker side beyond the screen.

4. The Copycat Killer Episode

Ahh Copycat Killers. If you don’t know a copycat killer would commit a criminal act that is modelled after or inspired by a previous crime in a cinematic or tv series. It has grown so much that there is even a show called CopyCat Killers which airs on Reelz Network.

The episode involves the CopyCat Killers spotlights the murder of Regan Jolley, who was killed by her boyfriend Jason Hart. Hart was infatuated with the show Breaking Bad and after killing her, then disposed of in a bath full of acid. Which got a ton of attention in 2014 when this incident.

If you want the details of this situation there will be a video below. There are so many of Copycat killers using the show, to inspire this kills, but this one got a ton of attention. This is clearly something AMC wants you to forget about ever happening, and it being inspired by the greatest show that they ever aired.

3. The Show was almost cancelled in Season 3

That’s right, there was a moment when there almost wasn’t a Season 4 and 5 of Breaking Bad on AMC. In 2010, AMC had a meeting with Vince Gilligan, and during that meeting, they mentioned that Season 3 might be the last season of the show. This idea didn’t sit well with Gilligan because Walter White’s story was far from finished. Following the meeting, Gilligan began discussing potential renewals with other networks.

One network that came close to acquiring the rights was FX. In fact, they were on the verge of securing the show, but FX eventually backed out of the deal. Sony was another option, and they reached a deal that involved Netflix streaming the first three seasons of the show.

Realizing that other networks had significant interest in the show and were about to make a lucrative offer, AMC had a change of heart and decided to keep Breaking Bad. This decision turned out to be a wise one, given the show’s skyrocketing popularity and success. AMC would prefer you to overlook the option they had of canceling the show after Season 3

2. The Toys R Us Scandal

When a TV show gets extremely popular, the name of the game for them would be to expand with merchandise. What is the best way to get there? Well, by making toys for kids and other adults to play with.

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This is a brilliant way to make money; however, a lot of people were not a fan of it. The big one was Susan Meyers, who created a Change.org petition for the toy store not to sell them. She was quoted in that petition saying, “should not be forced to explain why a certain toy comes with a bag of highly dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone who sells those drugs deserves to be made into an action figure.”

This petition got so many signatures on it and the global media’s attention. This ultimately resulted in Toys R Us pulling the toys from the shelves and not even selling them anymore. Even though Toys R Us said they were intended for adults, I am not so sure I believe them when the toys were put in the kids’ section.

This whole thing is just such a mess and it really screwed AMC and Toys R Us from making money. In fact both sides probably loss money with this moves. Since it involves “Breaking Bad,” a part of AMC and the economic loss they got, this is something they want you to forget about.

1. Its a miracle that the ending of the show was not leaked

Spoilers can be a tricky thing for TV shows to keep a secret. I mean, look at “The Walking Dead” as they had a tough time keeping their spoilers under wraps. “Breaking Bad” did its best to keep the ending of the show a secret; however, there was one moment that could have been disastrous, and that was the story of Bryan Cranston’s script being stolen from him.

So, the story goes that Xavier McAfee, the person who stole it, decided to smash the window of Cranston’s car and commit theft. He stole valuable items from the car, including his briefcase, an iPad, and the actual final script of the show for “Felina.” I mean, that’s absolutely a problem because not only was a crime committed, but the scripts were stolen from one of the biggest shows in the world.

There was a real concern that this was going to leak, but luckily it never happened. McAfee decided to brag about having the script at a local bar. Yes, because it’s such a brilliant idea to brag about a crime you committed and the fact that you had a piece of evidence that proves it. This guy’s ego clearly got the best of him, and it ultimately resulted in his quick arrest. I wonder if he tried to call Saul Goodman in order to get him out of jail for this one.

While the script was never recovered, the show went on, and the ending was not leaked. Which was a freaking miracle that it didn’t leak. AMC and Bryan Cranston should consider themselves lucky on this one. AMC would clearly like you to forget how much of a miracle it was that the ending of the show was almost leaked.

So those are the 10 things AMC would like you to forget about Breaking Bad. Do you agree with my list? Did I miss anything out? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like.

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