As a fan of Blizzard games, nothing is more exciting than hearing about the return of Blizzcon for 2023! The excitement led to high expectations too; no Blizzcon in 4 years leaves fans wanting huge announcements for their favorite properties. Thankfully, Blizzard understood exactly what we were expecting and, wow, they delivered. Let’s take a quick look at everything before we dive into a deeper breakdown!

The Highlights

  • Diablo 4 revealed DLC coming in 2024, several new events coming within Season 2, and a new game mode coming with Season 3
  • Overwatch 2 revealed a new tank Hero coming with Season 8
    • They also teased the two in-development heroes coming with Season 10 and Season 12 respectively
  • Hearthstone showed off a new game mode, co-op battlegrounds, the upcoming expansion, and catch-up packs for newcomers and veterans alike
  • Warcraft Rumble showed off a new cinematic coinciding with its immediate release
  • World of Warcraft Classic revealed Cataclysm Classic as well as Classic: Season of Discovery – lovingly nicknamed Classic+ by the community
  • World of Warcraft showed off its new expansion format: World of Warcraft: The Worldsoul Saga. With it, the next three expansions were revealed but not each of them was discussed in great detail

Diablo 4

Diablo 4, Diablo, Diablo DLC, Vessel of Hatred

Diablo showed off a short trailer for its upcoming DLCL: Vessel of Hatred. The DLC will also come with a new class – something new to Diablo fans!

Two new events were announced for the Season of Blood! The first of the two is named Abbatior of Zir and the other, Midwinter Blight. The new game mode within Season 3 is called Gauntlet. It’ll let players fight against bosses with a leaderboard system.

Overwatch 2

The new tank hero, Mauga, was revealed! He’s the first Samoan hero in the game with a personality larger than life. His two guns, nicknamed Gunny and Chacha, deal fire damage and grant healing based on damage dealt. His abilities give him huge rush potential as well as counter possibilities for Echo and Phara.

After Mauga’s exciting reveal, two new heroes down the pipeline were teased through concept art. The next hero coming with Season 10 is a DPS named Venture. After them, during Season 12, a support hero code named Space Ranger will join the roster.

Overwatch 2, Mauga, Hero


Celebrating its 10th year anniversary soon, Hearthstone released a new expansion named Showdown in the Badlands. With it comes the first neutral hero card, Reno Lone Ranger! Furthermore, Blizzard understands that new expansions make it harder for newcomers to join the game. To solve the issue, players will be given Catch-Up Packs containing up to 50 Standard cards! Every player will be receiving some of these packs to try them out soon.

Battlegrounds were also given a new game mode! Co-op battlegrounds are coming to the game soon (early 2024). You’ll be able to join up with one other friend to conquer the battlefield together!

Hearthstone, Expansion, Key Art

Warcraft Rumble

Not much was revealed for Warcraft Rumble as the game only just launched, but what we do know is that Sylvanas Windrunner will be a Season 1 reward for players. In the future, we’ll see more units added per Season as well as new raid events such as Molten Core joining the raid line-up post-launch.

Warcraft Rumble, Blackrock, Key Art

World of Warcraft Classic

Classic has got two new reveals today! Cataclysm Classic is coming in the first half of 2024. Blizzard did note that there might be some changes to the game before it launches, meaning players’ opinions will have an impact on the game.

World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, Classic, Deathwing, Neltharion

Classic: Season of Discovery is coming as well! This Season allows players to change the way their class plays by engaging in community sleuthing around Azeroth. Players will work together to uncover Runes with class-altering traits attached to them. There are a lot of changes hidden in the shadows of Azeroth, but suffice it to say that Rogues can now potentially tank.

With the addition of Runes and class changes, players will now be able to take on Blackfathom Depths as a ten-player raid tier! This is the first of its kind – something only in Classic. Finally, players will start capped at level 25 before gaining more levels in the future as more content is added.

World of Warcraft, Classic, Season of Discovery, Blackfathom Deeps, Raid

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft was saved until last and for good reason. There was so much revealed that it’s almost too hard to wrap my head around! Let’s start with the most exciting part: Chris Metzen! Chris, one of the original Blizzard devs who just rejoined the Warcraft team, revealed that we’ll be seeing 3 expansions within a 6 year period (so one every 2 years). These expansions are World of Warcraft: The War Within, World of Warcraft: Midnight, and World of Warcraft: The Last Titan. For the most part, the last two are known by name only, but The War Within has plenty of reveals.

The War Within brings us underground to deal with Xal’atath as she’s rallying with a long-lost civilization of Nerubians. We’ll meet with plenty of new and familiar faces alike while we fight against void twisted bug-people to save Azeroth from the call of the Old Gods. Chris mentioned that things will end up going terribly wrong, bringing us to Midnight after the 2-year cycle.

World of Warcraft, Old God, Xal'Atath, Blizzcon 2023, The War Within

Excitingly, these three expansions were revealed as part of The Worldsoul Saga. Chris said they’ll have enough content for the next 20 years of the game, and it seems like these three expansions comprise the very first of many Sagas seen in the game’s development. Very interesting and exciting developments for such a legendary title!

The War Within brings with it several great quality-of-life changes to the game at large. Warbands introduces a connected, in-game way to transfer crafting materials between characters without having to log in and out. It also makes reputations account-bound! This new system will allow players to save time on many aspects of the game.

World of Warcraft, The War Within, Warbands, Warband System

Alright so… Was it good?

Well, that depends! I considered it to be a lovely event full of surprises. Blizzcon 2019 was a little underwhelming so I’m very glad to see the community thrilled for fun, new content. Maybe you have different opinions though! Feel free to drop comments about your thoughts, opinions, excitements, questions – anything!

Blizzcon might be wrapping up but there’s plenty to look forward to in 2024. Time to get back to completing quests in Warcraft Rumble!


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