May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, is fast approaching, and fans everywhere are deciding on the best ways to celebrate. There are countless ways to enjoy the holiday, but these are some of the most classic.

Relive the Magic

First, there’s the classic—having a Star Wars movie marathon. Some fans disagree about the order, though. There’s lots of debate on release order vs. timeline order. You can gather your friends together, both old fans and potential new ones, and watch your favorite Star Wars movies together. All Star Wars content can be streamed from Disney+. You can even pair it with some fun Star Wars-themed recipes and crafts to enjoy while you watch.

For a truly exclusive experience, Lucasfilm and Disney have announced a re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in theaters starting on May 3rd. This iconic film, marking both May the Fourth and the twenty-fifth anniversary of its initial release, will be shown in movie theaters across the country. And if you’re up for a more intense marathon, select AMC theaters are hosting a thirteen-hour screening of all nine Star Wars films, starting at 8:00 pm local time on May 3rd. As a special gift, attendees will receive a limited-edition poster!

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Another exciting way to celebrate Star Wars Day is by watching the next new Star Wars TV show! Disney has announced that Star Wars: Tales of the Empire, an animated TV show in the story style of Tales of the Jedi, will be released on May the Fourth of 2024. This show will follow the stories of two featured characters in the Star Wars universe, adding a new dimension to the Star Wars saga.  

Experience Star Wars in Real Life

If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan and have the opportunity, then traveling to Disney World is the way to go. Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Park is home to Batuu, the Star Wars section of the park. Here, you can experience famous attractions such as Smuggler’s Run in the iconic Millennium Falcon, the recently revamped Star Tours, and Rise of the Resistance. But the real magic lies in the encounters with iconic characters like Ashoka Tano, Mando, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. You can even create your own BB-class droid that’ll actually roll around- or craft your own lightsaber, complete with a kyber crystal of your chosen color.

Star Wars Day is a beloved holiday among fans, with countless ways to celebrate in whatever way works for them. Fans can marathon their favorite movies or television shows, watch whatever new content has come out, or enjoy the enjoyment of other fans who care about the saga as much as they do. There is truly no wrong way to celebrate.

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