Spider-Man’s iconic Black Symbiote Suit was featured in the 1984 comics The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and Secret Wars #8 and has since been in numerous other comics, TV shows, and video games. Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, released in October, temporarily allows you to play with this iconic suit.

Along with changing your “Friendly” Neighborhood Spider-man’s personality, the Symbiote suit changes your powers while increasing your damage output. Here are some of the best Symbiote Suit Powers in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The Black Symbiote Suit is not the only symbiote Peter gets ahold of during his adventures in Spider-Man 2. He dawns on the Anti-Venom Suit towards the latter half of the game. Several people (including the popular Venom, Eddie Brock) have used this white and black suit in the comics, except for Peter Parker himself. Well, Spider-Man 2 changes this as Parker briefly uses this suit in the latter half of the game. As such, his powers largely remain the same, except for one I’d like to highlight.

5: Symbiote Yank

L1+ Square will grab up to four enemies and slam them to the ground, dealing moderate damage. Unlocking the empowered skill allows you to grab as many enemies as on screen.

4: Symbiote Blast

Symbiote Blast: Pressing L1+ Circle will unleash a barrage of symbiote tendrils that damage every enemy in the area, making it the go-to power to help clear the area.

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3: Anti-Venom Tempest 

Much like Symbiote Blast, Tempest sends forth tendrils, except they deal much more damage and send enemies into the air, opening them up for a combo.

2. Anti-Venom Bomb

An Area of Effect attack where Spider-Man jumps and throws a web of tendrils that explode, damaging enemies caught in a cone-shaped area.

1. Symbiote Surge

Pressing in the two Analog sticks (L3 and R3) will grant a limited boost to Peter’s attacks, alongside a nice visual and audio change to further immerse you into believing that a symbiote has taken over Peter Parker. The yellow bar on the upper right-hand corner will show how long you have left.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now, exclusively for PS5.

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