Marvel released a new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine, uniting the two icons. With this new trailer there is inevitably a series of hidden easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans and foreshadowing of the film’s events. As there are nearly a dozen X-Men films and decades of lore for the franchise, many fans will be overwhelmed. In response, here are the standouts from the trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine.

Insomniac’s Wolverine Game

Where better to start the analysis than with the very first scene of the trailer, Wolverine in a bar. Given his “gruff” persona, Logan spends a fair amount of time having a cold one. However, this specific shot brings to mind another specific scene. A few years back, Insomniac, the creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man, released a trailer for their upcoming Wolverine game featuring the same setting and shot. The only shot was of Wolverine in a bar, unsheathing his claws. This could be a possible nod to the upcoming title. At the time of writing, Insomniac has not given much more info on the game. However, with Insomniac’s Spidey appearing in Across the Spider-Verse, an allusion would not be surprising.

The Town Shot

While this is a small example, two interestingly named shops appear in the background. About halfway through the trailer, the duo crosses “Liefeld’s Just Feet” and “Copperheads.” The first is a reference to Deadpool’s creator himself, Rob Liefeld, and a running joke about him being unable to draw feet. This is a small yet brilliant example of the film’s attention to detail. As for “Copperheads,” it’s the name of several recurring characters across Marvel Comics, ones that usually go up against the likes of Daredevil. Whether this is an easter egg or foreshadowing has yet to be seen.

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One of the more touching easter eggs in the film is the debut of Dogpool, a canine alternate version of Wade. Dogpool herself will be played by pug Peggy, who was voted Britain’s ugliest dog. However, she rocks the iconic outfit fairly well. Given that Spider-Verse gave us many different species of the web-slinger, this is fitting character to include. Furthermore, Deadpool referencing said films, again, is not off the table.

Gi-Ant Man

For those disappointed with the recent Ant-Man film, they will at least see him return. One of the more striking images of the trailer is the massive costumed skeleton of Ant-Man himself. What this means exactly has yet to be seen. Many fans probably found symbolism in the giant corpse of Ant-Man (a mascot) turned into a battle ground for various other returning characters. Furthermore, this is yet another example of how expendable characters can be in the infinite multiverse.

A Bunch of Other Cameos

Prior to the release of even the first teaser for Deadpool and Wolverine, Marvel gave audiences many cast announcements. Several of these returning members appear briefly throughout the trailer. At the base of Ant-Man’s skull both Lady Deathstrike from X-Men 2: United and Azazel from X-Men: First Class, with Hu and Flemyng returning to play them. Other characters confirmed to appear are Toad, Cassandra Nova, and Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. With the return of the Time Variance Authority from Loki, there also comes the surprise return of Alioth from the same series visible for only a few frames. With their arrival, however, there also comes the need to watch Loki to fully understand the TVA.

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The Doctor Strange Portal

Finally, there is the ever-iconic Doctor Strange portal our duo jumps through at the end of the trailer. Since it first appeared in 2016’s Doctor Strange, the sling-ring has been a vital tool in the MCU. Seeing as Deadpool and Wolverine sets itself up as the crossover film of the franchise, it would be no surprise if there were a few masters of the arcane arts arriving. Given what we’ve seen from Deadpool as a franchise, all of these easter eggs seen are just the tip of the iceberg of what the film offers.

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