Batman – One Bad Day is a new DC Comics series introducing new and different origin stories to classic Gotham City villains. The series features a variety of Batman’s rogue’s gallery including Clayface, Bane, Penguin, and more. We had a chance to read the first issue of the Catwoman edition and we highly recommend it!


Catwoman Suit Change

Batman – One Bad Day: Catwoman (by G. Willow Wilson and Jamie McKelvie) begins in Selina Kyle’s apartment, where she is preparing for a heist whilst explaining her story to the reader. Selina explains why she lives her life as Catwoman and what compelled her to begin stealing in the first place. As she walks outside, she narrates her qualms with the wealthy and how the country’s economic system failed her as she was growing up.

She passes a crowd of protestors outside her apartment with signs saying ‘eat the rich,’ which supports Selina’s claims that the people live in an unjust society favoring the wealthy elite. She then puts on her Catwoman suit and makes her way over to the auction house, which happens to be hosting a very special brooch.

The brooch had once belonged to Selina’s mother and had been a priceless family heirloom. During Selina’s childhood, however, her mother had to sell the brooch to a local pawn shop in order to keep a roof over their heads. The pawn shop only paid two hundred dollars for the brooch after informing Selina’s mother that was actually a fake.

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That statement was apparently a lie as the brooch was being sold off with a minimum bid of twenty thousand dollars. Angry at having her family treasure effectively stolen from her, Selina decides to take matters into her own hands and reclaim the fortune her family rightfully deserved.


Catwoman and Batman relationship

Batman – One Bad Day’s rendition of Catwoman is much more humanized than the average take on the character. I enjoyed reading about her backstory much more in this comic than previous stories that I’ve read, and I actually felt more of an emotional connection to this version of Selina Kyle. Another enjoyable element of this story is the new characterization of Selina’s sister, Maggie Kyle.

Having debuted in 1989’s Catwoman #1 (by Mindi Newell, J.J. Birch, and Michael Bair) Maggie was portrayed as a nun who had suffered mental distress after witnessing the murder of her husband. In One Bad Day, however, Maggie is simply a hard-working grocery store clerk who has become estranged from Selina after growing up in poverty. I prefer this version of Maggie compared to the original because seeing the ‘average Joe’ side of characters and their struggles in the real world helps create a more relatable storyline.

Overall, I really loved reading this comic and enjoying its beautiful artwork. The characters had interesting personalities and I enjoyed seeing the playful dynamic between Catwoman and Batman. The plot was solid and it kept me hooked throughout the entire book. My only complaint about this comic is that there is a small error in the brooch details at the auction house.

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On one page, Selina states that the brooch is up at the auction house for a minimum reserve of twenty thousand dollars. Shortly after, she says that the minimum reserve is actually thirty thousand dollars, and then a few pages after that it switches back to its original price. It isn’t too big of an error in the storytelling, but it was noticeable enough to confuse me at first.

I highly recommend you check out Batman – One Bad Day: Catwoman #1! While you’re at it, go ahead and give the other issues of Batman – One Bad Day a whirl, too. Let us know in the comments your thoughts about this issue and which Catwoman comic is your favorite!

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