Avowed has been a mystery and sort of a wild card in the game industry lately. It was announced a few years ago and then fell victim to the wave of delays due to the pandemic. The Summer Games Fest brought us many glimmers of hope, including a more in-depth trailer for Avowed. The trailer had so much content that it isn’t a surprise if some things went unnoticed.

The game itself comes from Obsidian Entertainment and is set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. That, mixed with the heavy influence from The Elder Scrolls, it’s no surprise that the game would be anticipated by so many fans. The folks responsible for so many great RPGs must have put some juicy secrets in the trailer, right?


Avowed. A statue in the making near a small village, both in the shadow of a towering volcano.

The story will definitely be a big part of the game, but the trailer leaves this aspect in mystery. The main character is an envoy from the Aedyr Empire to investigate a plague that has been harming The Living Lands, a wild landscape with untouched nature. The character is waylaid in Aedyr by some armed men, suggesting that the player is an envoy not of their own volition.

Kai, an Aumaua narrates bits of the story that suggests he will be rather important. We then see an Animancer’s lab, basically a place where the soul is studied. The Animancers are using Audra, a giant green stone, mixed with copper to no doubt conduct their research. This could hint at Animancers being a big part of the story.

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The player getting ready to stab a plague infested bear in a clearing.

The first chunk of gameplay we see is the player duel-wielding flintlock pistols. Avowed is set in a renaissance-esque setting so techier weapons are expected. We also get melee weapons, such as a maul that we see the player use and a spartan kick! I never get tired of seeing that one.

Staying in line with canon, the player casts a fireball spell using a tome and the same with a frost magic spell later on. Then we see a druidic spell called tanglefoot and then a scene with a magic missile spell followed by a spell scene with the Pull of Aeora on full display. That last spell basically acts as a gravity pull. All in all, it looks like there will be plenty of combat variety.


A picturesque shot of a grassy valley with the sun shining over a city in the far distance.

It makes sense that Avowed would look like Obsidian’s previous sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds. The art style is very much reminiscent of that game which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make me wonder if the studio is planning on an art homogeny instead of each game of theirs looking unique.

We get shots of the natural environment which resembles almost an artificial set, like the candy room in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Not to say that the game is supposed to be a play, but the goofy art style is definitely intentional and is probably just for appearances. This includes the heavy use of fungi in the environment, and the main design base for the plague the player has to investigate.

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Overall, it looks like it’ll be a fun game for fans of fantasy, RPGs, and Pillars of Eternity mythology. I can see the art style being a turn-off for some people but if that doesn’t matter to you then it might be cool to check out.

Avowed will release sometime in 2024 for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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