The Templars often function as the villains in almost every Assassin’s Creed game, which resulted in some confusion about their organization’s goals. This article will go into detail about how the Templars work and will make a case as to why they are also good people.

A Templar Or A Fraud?

Assassin's Creed

There are many characters in the series who prate around as Templars, but they do not always possess the virtues that make a True Templar. Order and peace are at the core of the Templars’ ideology, but when we look at characters like Cesare Borgia, we don’t see any of that selflessness in him.

Cesare is a great villain, but he is not a great Templar because he was out to get power for the sake of getting power. Templars don’t care about being kings. Instead, they want to control kings from the shadows like an assassin. It is more likely that these characters inherited the title of Templar and used the organization for their own benefit.

“Uphold the principles of our order and all that for which we stand.” -Edward Braddock


The Templars seek knowledge and information just as much as they seek control of the world, for they believe that they should possess the knowledge to be able to know how to utilize power. They know that the First Civilization created humans as slaves to serve their will, which is why they know that it is human nature to serve, but they also want to protect their own. They believe that the truth justifies their atrocities and that the assassins are blind to the truth. Their very words state that their order values knowledge above all else.

“May the father of understanding guide us.” – Haytham Kenway.

The Costly Path of Freedom

The Templars’ goals are to ensure the survival of order and peace… specifically in that order. They oppose true freedom because they think it is an invitation to chaos, which is true in a way since the cost of freedom in history has always taken a heavy toll, but mainly because there are those who don’t want to give others their liberty.

The Russian Revolution saw the deaths of many who had no part in the conflict, including the royal family. The French Revolution resulted in the deaths of many who were supporters of the cause but were deemed too “suspicious.” America’s civil war resulted in more than half a million deaths while no real reparations were given for the suffrage African Americans underwent. All they got was freedom from chains and a lot of rules prohibiting them from being truly equal.

“There will never be a consensus amongst those you have helped to ascend. They will each differ in their views of what it means to be free.”- Haytham Kenway.

Control Over An Individual’s Free Will

It might seem horrible to support those who would enslave the populace, but that is where the misunderstanding appears. Templars would only enslave the minds of the populace and not their bodies. Templar Grand Master Torres exiled Woodes Rogers during the colonial era because Rogers had sold slaves.

Templars seek to find pieces of Eden for two reasons: The pieces of Eden make it easier to control the minds of others, and the second reason is that they would not have had to seek lethal methods to gain control. In the modern day of the series, the Templars are in control of the world, and that is because they control information. Templars don’t want to hurt people but instead make them subservient to their will.

“A body enslaved inspires the mind to revolt, but enslave a man’s mind, and his body will follow on. Natural. Efficient.” – Laureano Torres

The Bigger Picture

Templars might want to segregate free will from humanity, but their views don’t come from an obsolete background, like serving a king because he’s a male and came from nobility. They don’t see race, birth, and sexuality as an issue (for example, a high-ranking member like Abu’l Nuqoud is gay).

Templars have that in common with the assassins, as the latter have bisexual members like Jacob Frye serving as a master in the brotherhood. Furthermore, Templars share more similarities with assassins as they both accept members from any ethnicity and background. Whether they are poor or rich, however, they prefer to take members from influential backgrounds so that they can have control over more people.

“How could I finance a war in service to the same God that calls me an abomination?” – Abu’l Nuqoud.

The Creation of Man

Both organizations have many things in common, like their views on religion. They don’t believe in God and want what is best for humanity. Like the assassins, the Templars hide in plain sight. The Templars do not believe in God, but many of them join the church for power and influence over those who believe in God.

“To deny its most exalted existence is the only rational response.” – Stefano da Bagnone.

Serving A Notion, Not A Nation

The Templars hate the empires that colonize the world, yet many of them are governors and politicians of those empires. They value peace, but there are countless Templars who have positions in armies. One might ask, why do all this? Well, it’s simple because by joining what they despise, they are able to change the system from within.

“Convened at last. and in such continental company… England, France, Spain… Citizens of sad and corrupted Empires.” – Laureano Torres.

The Ends Justify The Means

The Templars’ dreams are noble, but like the assassins, the Templars are prepared to bloody their hands so that they can achieve what they want. The difference between the two organizations lies in whom they kill. For assassins, the innocents are never to be harmed, but for the Templars, no action is too heinous or barbarous if it means that they are able to secure peace. However, they do not go out of their way to kill innocents who have no quarrel with their goals. The Templars destroy everything in their path, and those who comply with their new world order are rewarded.

“Everything I did, I did to prepare them for the new world.” – William of Montferrat


While the Templars do serve a strong argument, I do not believe in their cause. But what do you think? Do you think that the Templars are right in their views and means? Do you prefer the assassin ideology? Are you looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Mirage? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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