As you know from previous other articles I am a very big Assassin’s Creed fan. I have played almost every single Assassin’s Creed game that has come out. I remembered when I was 16 years old and hearing that there was going to be a movie released on Assassin’s Creed, I was excited. That excitement grew when I heard Michael Fassbender was going to be involved. Well, when I saw the movie in 2016 I was so upset and angry since this movie was awful. I remember calling this movie a Disasterpiece as it truly was. And I got five main reasons as to why this was the case.

5. The Poor Usage of the Animus

The animus in Assassin's Creed

How do you make something so simple in the Animus from the video games and make it look like the cringiest and dumbest thing in the world? Back when we got the first trailers, I remember just hating what they did with the Animus in this movie. They chose to have Cal in this movie actually perform the moves made by his ancestor; which goes totally against the lore of the games.

In the games, the Animus translates this from his memories to a computer. The movie adaptation of the Animus was too complex and I hate how they filmed the time jumps cutting between Cal and his ancestor Aguilar. It’s just so stupid and annoying. This even annoyed the casual fans of Assassin’s Creed when they were watching this in theaters. Again, Why did they even need to make the change to begin with? Don’t fix what is not broken.

4. The Director Choice was Bizarre

No matter how good a movie idea can be, the only way a movie can work well is if the director does a great job. No offense to Justin Kurzel, but he did not do a great job directing this movie.

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Even looking back on it, it was super bizarre the choice that the studio went with by choosing Justin Kurzel to direct this movie. Mainly because Kurzel had no experience directing an action-only film, and his inexperience showed. He did a nice job directing Snowtown and Macbeth, but something just did not click with this movie with Kurzel as the director. Honestly, once this movie happened, I legit can’t think of another movie that he has directed since.

Another problem I’ve realized was how most videogame adaptations fail due to studios hiring people that either didn’t understand video games or filmmaking. I don’t think Kurzel understood the Assassin’s Creed games at all and lacked the filmmaking experience of action-only films as I mentioned earlier.

3. The Writing is Absolutely Nonsense

No matter how poor things can be, the thing that can really save the movie is the story. In fact, the writing of a story is the most important part of the movie, not the visual effects. Well, unsurprisingly the writing is absolute nonsense.

Where do we begin? Let’s get the obvious out of the way: As I mentioned earlier, I hate the way this film’s adaptation of the Animus was. How the heck you can fake an execution without cooperation from the subject? There was too much focus on the present day, whereas the fun parts that make Assassin’s Creed work are in the past. The plot legit is poorly structured and it seems like the writers gave up when Cal escapes.

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The characters were poorly written, especially Cal as a character who lacks motivation and character traits that could connect with the audience. This film just took a more serious route with the writing, which in the video games, was not 100% serious and had a more entertaining/fun feel to it. I would go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you.

Excluding Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which is an absolute disgrace to the Assassin’s Creed Saga, this movie legit might be one of the most poorly written Assassin’s Creed titles ever. That is saying something knowing the disappointment of Unity and Syndicate‘s poorly written stories.

2. Who was the True Intended Audience?

A big problem that, in my opinion, pretty much killed this movie is that the studio and Ubisoft had no true idea who the intended audience was for this movie. The obvious answer would be the fans of the game, right? Well, I don’t think that was the case as they explained obvious things to casual fans, plus they kind of annoyed the hardcore fans when they ignored the whole Desmond Miles saga. You know the best Present Day Character!

So they took this to the audience to those that either have not played the game or casual fans to convert into hardcore fans. Obviously, you see the problem here. The studio had no idea who the true audience was and that can create a disaster. Especially when the film confuses the casual audience by feeding them with the knowledge that only the hardcore audience would understand.

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1. The Movie Was a Flop

This movie was such a disaster that it legit flopped at the box office. This film reportedly lost $75-$100 million at the box office mainly due to the large expenses that this movie had. It honestly stuns me more that they did not lose more money. I have a feeling that most of the losses came from overspending on top actors and some of the ridiculous CGI in this movie. Flops for any film are never good and if that does not show how much of a disasterpiece this movie was I don’t know what does.

It is such a shame too as I really wanted this movie to be great. Unfortunately, it just did not happen. I am going to give this movie a 3/10. I debated a 2, but Fassbender was good in this movie that he bumps it to a 3. This should have been a TV Series, not a movie as Assassin’s Creed is better-built cinematic-wise as a TV Series. That is why The Last of Us has worked well in my opinion. Thus Assassin’s Creed is yet another video game turned into a movie that just did not work out.

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