Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, to me, is one of the more bland and boring games that I have played in the series. While I am not a fan of the main game, I will be honest that there is one part that is absolutely brilliant; Jack The Ripper DLC. One of the most notable serial killers whose identity still remains a mystery, Ubisoft did an awesome job by adding him to the Assassin’s Creed universe.

Jack The Ripper Himself

In order for this DLC to work, it is important to nail Jack the Ripper himself. I’ve got to say, they did a fantastic job with Jack the Ripper. I love the way he looks with what he is wearing—the mask to keep his identity a secret and that hat—it’s just fantastic on him.

I like how they handled Jack the Ripper’s character and story, as well as being an Assassin, which makes so much sense given how he has turned into a legend, never being caught. Additionally, I love the unique gameplay mechanics they introduced for him.

Speaking of…

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

The DLC introduces fresh gameplay mechanics or challenges that differ from the main game, including new weapons, stealth approaches, or investigations related to the infamous crimes by Jack the Ripper. I also like how there is a refreshing gameplay experience that stands out from the rest of the game due to Jack the Ripper’s brutal style of killing people. I love the fear that his kills instill in enemies that surround him, making them run for their life.

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The Story is Awesome

The one thing I care most about in a game is how great the story is. The graphics and gameplay can be great and all, but a good story really sells me on a video game. The story revolves around the search for Jack the Ripper, who is revealed to be one of Jacob’s Assassin Initiates.

Evie takes on the mission to undermine the Ripper’s control and draw him out of hiding, leading to intense confrontations and uncovering the reasons behind his actions and betrayal of the Brotherhood. It is a simple, yet very great story that just works in the Assassin’s Creed Universe.

The Character Development

It’s great to hear that the DLC provided the character development you were looking for, especially for characters like Evie Frye and Frederick Abberline. The additional depth and growth in their personalities make the DLC experience more engaging and compelling.

Evie Frye’s transformation from a tough and unyielding character to someone who faces fear and worry in the face of Jack the Ripper showcases a more complex and relatable side to her. This development adds layers to her character and makes her more dynamic and interesting as a protagonist.

Similarly, Frederick Abberline’s evolution from an energetic and infatuated young police officer to an authoritative inspector and close friend of the Frye twins is well-executed. His demonstration of desperation and commitment to their cause highlights his growth and adds intrigue to the overall narrative.

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It’s understandable to feel disappointed that the main game lacked this level of character development for the Frye Twins and other side characters. A well-crafted character arc can significantly enhance a player’s emotional investment in the story and the characters they are playing. The DLC’s success in this regard underscores the potential for strong character development within the game’s universe.

Overall, it seems the DLC addressed this aspect effectively, making the experience more enjoyable and meaningful. The development of Evie Frye, Jacob Frye, and Frederick Abberline adds depth to their personalities and enriches the overall narrative.

I strongly recommend that you play Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’s DLC as it is brilliant. Not only is it a thousand times better than the main story, but it really showed that the developers took more risks. I just wish the developers/writers put more energy into the main story if they did, this game would have been a lot better.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available to play now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Nicholas Mullick

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