I remember when I was such a young boy and Assassin’s Creed was originally built through Desmond Miles. It was such an intriguing story and just made the games make so much more sense. I was waiting for Miles to reform the Brotherhood in the modern world and have it be sort of like how the Jedi returned in Star Wars. However, Ubisoft saw it differently and made the stunning move to kill him.

Ever since they killed Desmond Miles, the Modern Day Story of Assassin’s Creed was lacking and has been care from the fanbase along with the writers. I legit wanted there to be a skip button for all of the Modern Day Scene of games. It has just been such a mess since they made the terrible move of killing AC3 with no other build-up of a character.

This death is what many say was the moment the series jumped the shark as it was so unnecessary and the franchise was built around him. This move with Desmond was clearly a lowlight in the series. So how would I have written Desmond Miles’s death in Assassins Creed? I wouldn’t have!!!

So long everyone!!!

How I Would Have Rewritten It

Alright, well there is one logical way that it can make sense and I guess I will rewrite it.

Ok, so I have had a few thoughts about how I would tackle this. Would I A) make his death up from Assassins Creed 3 or B) make his death a story long-term to capitalize on? Well, I think there is a long-term story in there and I decided to go with option B. Choosing this option means that Desmond does not die at the end of the game.


How is the ending of Assassin’s Creed 3? Well it would be simple, nobody dies but it is at this point where we have Juno and Minerva meet. Both are reunited and reveal to Desmond that he is the one that we have been searching for. The man that we call The Adam. Yes, this is where it gets revealed that in the Adam & Eve, Desmond is Adam.

It makes sense as he is the main character along with his ancestry holding the apple of Eden as long as they have and not getting as much effect as enemies and even supporters would. At this point Juno and Minerva tell Desmond to rebuild the brotherhood along with making the location they were at as the headquarters of the Brotherhood.

It is at this point where we would have Desmond then gain strength and finally muster the power to say to William Miles, Rebecca, and Shaun, “Let’s build up the brotherhood and restore peace in the world”.

Ok so now we get to Desmond Miles and for the next few games, we have Desmond going around the world building the brotherhood and recruiting others to join. In Black Flag, Rebecca and Shaun recruit Black Flag’s Research Analyst who I have decided to name Bishop who is the woman that speaks in Syndicate and Unity. I would keep the John story too, but it brings up a question regarding the Assassins storyline. However, when Bishop returns to gain intel from John’s computer we have Desmond Miles surprise the Analyst by explaining that John was a hidden Templar trying to trap Shaun & Rebecca. He even shows a meeting where the Templars were going to kill the Analyst and replace him with another intern. That Analyst now joins the Assasins.

The Sword of Eden

Next up is the recruitment of The Initiate from Syndicate and Unity. I would expand it a lot more than they did in Unity and I think it would be cool in unity if we get instead of Bishop speaking, we get Shaun and Rebecca as the ones communicating with the initiate. Roles reverse in Syndicate where Bishop is trying to capture the sword of Eden which she would eventually obtain and have a cut scene giving it to Desmond. In Syndicate the mission is to save the Initiate which Desmond does along with Bishop and they successfully recruit him.

The Abstergo Programmer in Rouge accepts being a Templar and this is where The Initiate and Research Analyst from Black Flag prove their worth and kill the Programmer who at this point was committed to the Order and at this point both the Analyst and Initiate get promoted to the highest rank of Master Assassin as they showed loyalty to Desmond and the Brotherhood.


Layla Hassan in my version is going to be Eve. Yes, I have Adam in this story being Desmond, and Eve being Layla and have a whole story of growing their relationship. First things first I would keep everything involved in Origins as they did a good job building the modern-day in that game. William Miles recruits her and we get Desmond & Layla meeting and building a connection in Odyssey.

In Odyssey’s Main time I would have that be the time when William Miles dies and it affects Desmond a lot. Layla and Desmond then start to have a romantic relationship, just like Adam and Eve. They eventually have a kid and they try to keep the Brotherhood together even with William Miles’s death.

Now we get to Valhalla and this is the game where I have Desmond and Layla both die by protecting the Brotherhood by reclaiming all of the pieces of Eden that were taken when William Miles got killed. Their Children survive and they make a promise to both that they will ensure that the brotherhood does not become obsolete in the world being rebuilt. As they have reached Valhalla I would have every Assassin that we play in the series history meet with Desmond & Layla and welcome them.

The Children’s Future

This is when in the new game Assassin’s Creed: Mirage I would have Desmond’s Children rebuild the world and even enter the Animus to try and find more hidden Eden pieces to protect them with their lives along with the brotherhood.

So that is how I would have written Desmond’s death in Assassin’s Creed. In total, this helps build the Assasin’s Brotherhood and make the Modern Day more fun & make sense in these games. If I did not force a rewrite to happen though, there is no way in hell that I would kill Desmond at all.

Did you like how I wrote this? If you didn’t let me know how you would have made this game in the comment section.

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