For years fans of the role-playing genre waited for a game like modern Bethesda titles but was designed like older RPGs. They wanted more emphasis on choices and building their own character while featuring a modern design philosophy. These fans might have gotten their wish in Ardenfall, and this article will illustrate how this upcoming indie game attempts to compete with Bethesda games.

The Design Philosophy

Ardenfall is made with the Unity Game Engine, and some fans might be drawn away by how it looks. Players should keep in mind that the game is only made by around five developers, and it currently has no real funding. This is why the game looks different from Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD) in terms of graphics.

However, Ardenfall does play like KCD and Skyrim. We can interact with nearly every object in the game, every NPC has a day and night cycle, and all NPCs are killable. There are many other similarities, such as being able to switch between third and first-person when playing. Having a less advanced engine would mean the game would be able to fit more content within the game. The biggest reason Bethesda could not fit in battles with hundreds of characters and had to cut so much content within their game was that the engine was more advanced than their older titles.

The theme of Ardenfall is similar to that of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. The game does take inspiration from Fallout: New Vegas as well as Morrowind. Some skill checks have various responses depending on how high or low your skill is. Players can persuade characters or try to do objectives that aid in completing the quests, like lifting a carriage to examine what is underneath or healing an ill character. Your actions will influence the characters as every character will have a reputation system, and they will interact with you in different ways depending on how they view you.

The Story

The game has a unique take on the races we play, as there are no humans in the game, instead attempting to be an alien fantasy game like Morrowind. The architecture is different than almost anything we have ever seen. Adrenfall embraces the alien setting instead of shying away from it. If you are interested, then there is a demo available on Steam, and if you like the idea of Ardenfall, you can also support the game via their Patreon.

There are currently three playable races and more races are being planned to be added by the team. Currently, the present races include Karu Elf, Sand Elf, and Obsidian Dwarf. The elves and dwarves don’t fit into the stereotypical fantasy races like The Lord of The Rings and The Witcher. Instead, these races have fangs, horns, and unique colored eyes, which fit into their vision of crafting an alien fantasy setting.


There is a free playable demo on Steam that you can play. Additionally, if you want to contact the team to give feedback on the game, they have a Discord server that you can join.

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