A bizarre story took place back in January of 2023, especially if you’re a fan of Apex Legends. So it was January of 2023 and Apex Legends was growing in popularity (and still is today). However, something bizarre happened in the game and it focused on the playable character named Horizon as her character was nerfed at that time.

The main thing that was nerfed was one of Horizon’s best abilities is called Gravity Lift. If you do not know, Gravity Lift allows Horizon to throw a special device that launches every player that enters it into the air. It was a common attribute that was utilized by gamers and it made her a popular choice in a lot of Apex Legends games.

The change with her ability is that Horizon’s accuracy while using the aforementioned tactical ability was abnormally low. The higher that you are, the more inaccurate you are shooting others. In the Video below by YouTuber District he explains it the best.

It seemed like the game being nerfed was done on purpose to change the game up and satisfy players. Especially as it was a complaint that was brought up that Horizon was too overpowered in this game with that attribute compared to others. Well, turns out that was not the case with the tweet below from Respawn.

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With this reveal of the nerf being accidental, was met with mixed reactions. There was a portion of players glad that it was a mistake and others upset as they thought the Nerf was much needed. To me I am glad Respawn took responsibility for their mistake and fixed it quickly. That to me is what I took away from this accidental nerf of Horizon.

Apex Legends is available to play now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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