Apex Legends released Revenant during Season 4 on February 4th, 2020. He is the absolute king of assassinations and has the potential to turn around even the most hopeless battle situations. Although he is played mostly in an aggressive style and can be difficult to master, he is an excellent legend to play all around. This guide will surely help you understand his potential.

Revenant Passive Ability: Stalker

Apex Legends Revenant

Revenant’s passive ability ”Stalker”, has 2 uses in-game:

  1. Revenant can climb up to 6 times the normal wall climb distance. As well as climbing regular-height walls faster than any other legend.
  2. When crouched, Revenant remains the normal walking speed and makes less noise with his footsteps.

There are many ways and strategies that can be used when trying to implement his passive ability into your gameplay.


Revenant can climb up to a 5 story building depending on the layout and the shape of the building thanks to his passive ability. And also because he is slightly quieter, it can be quite satisfying to flank an unexpecting enemy squad.

Revenant’s wall climbing skills can be utilized in close-quarter combat situations as well. It works as a great element of surprise when an enemy is pushing towards you only to find out that you’ve climbed up, waiting to drop on them as soon as they enter your line of sight.

Needless to say that almost in every video game, there are things that the developers didn’t intend to put into the game itself. But the nature of the relationship between the player and the product isn’t always as simple. Humans are unpredictable, therefore they come up with exploits that the developers didn’t even think of, to begin with.

There is such a mechanic in Apex Legends called *crouch spam* and because of Revenant’s greater movement speed when crouched, you can become your enemy’s worst nightmare. However, there is a catch to this mechanic. Although the mechanic has *spam* in its name, it needs to be done in a calm fashion.

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If you crouch up and down too fast, this action will not register to your opponents the way it looks on your screen. You will need to let your in-game character crouch first, and then get back up. When repeated correctly, this mechanic combined with Revenant’s speed boost will make you a very difficult target to hit on the unforgiving lands of Apex Legends.

Weapon Combo

There are a few weapons in Apex Legends that have more accurate hip-fire ratios than other weapons such as, “The Wingman” and “G7 Scout”. Combined with his passive ability, these weapons can also make Revenant deadlier than ever.

When playing as Revenant, players should always crouch when healing since it is not possible to run and heal yourself at the same time. Making yourself a smaller target while healing and maintaining regular movement speed will highly benefit any player that wants to remain on the field and fight for the championship.

One last tip about Revenant’s passive ‘Stalker” is that Revenant, when crouched, can remain undetected inside Seer’s ultimate ability ”Exhibit”.

Revenant Tactical Ability: Silence

Revenant’s tactical ability ”Silence” (25 sec. cooldown, 2 charges) is a must-have. When used, Revenant launches an orange orb that can travel up to 70-75 meters depending on the elevation of the player’s and the enemy’s position. If the enemy makes contact with the tactical ability, or if they get too close, they will be silenced, unable to use their abilities for the next 15 seconds. When hit directly, it will deal 10 damage to whoever it makes contact with and it is possible to hit multiple targets at once.

The tactical ability can be canceled by either climbing or performing a melee attack. ”Silence” can be used while reloading and shooting. The total duration of the tactical ability is 10 seconds. After the time runs out, the ball will simply disappear.


Enemies who see your orb, will most likely want to stay away from it. Depending on the situation, you can use it as a blockade or simply a visual disruptor. Enemies who make contact with the orb will also have slightly cluttered vision which is something that might come in handy during a heated combat situation.

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Just like every other skill any other legend has, this one has its technicalities. First, it is important to know what each legend has in their arsenal and understand what they’re capable of doing. As a Revenant player, you need to be prioritizing your tactical ability for certain legends as it can shut them down and change the fate of the battle.

Revenant’s tactical ability is specifically powerful against:

  • Gibraltar: Disables Gibraltar’s passive shield which grants him 50 extra health when in use.
  • Wraith: If you can catch Wraith before she can use her tactical or before her ultimate, it will shut her down automatically, forcing her to fight for her life with no escape route.
  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie has an ultimate animation of approximately 2.5 seconds. Hitting her during this time will disable her ultimate for the time being, leaving her and her possible teammates that were about to fly away into the horizon.
  • Lifeline: Lifeline’s tactical and passive abilities are tied to her drone. When she’s hit with Revenant’s tactical ability, her drone is disabled completely for the duration of the skill (15 seconds), meaning she can’t use her drone to heal or revive her teammates.

Revenant Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Revenant’s ultimate ability ”Death Totem” (3-minute cooldown, 30-second death protection) is an absolute game changer. He places an orange glowing totem which can be used once by him and his team, as well as by enemies. When the totem is used, players will turn into shadows for 30 seconds, disabling their entire shield systems. When in shadow form, players aren’t able to use healing items and all received damage will be taken off of their health directly.

If you get killed during the ”Death Totem’s” time limit, you will return to where the totem was placed with your shields untouched but with a maximum of 50 HP remaining. HP amount will stay the same if it was less than 50, to begin with. If you don’t get killed, you will exit out of the shadow form, remaining where you are, as well as your health staying as it is.

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It is beneficial to communicate whether your team wants to travel back to the totem or not. Because if one player gets left out on the battlefield while the other 2 are sent back, the remaining player will have a massive disadvantage.

While ”Death Totem” is active, it is best to adopt an aggressive playstyle. This ultimate ability could turn a 3v3 situation into a 3v2, or even a 3v1 situation. You just need to be careful and make sure you’re on the winning side.

”Death Totem” can be used as a safe approach to an ongoing fight and intervene in a way that isn’t as punishing. This makes Revenant a good legend to be paired with mobile initiation legends such as Octane or Ash. Their ultimates can be devastating for the enemy teams when and if used together properly.

You can recover banners or revive your teammates while in shadow form. Players can also use their abilities when in shadow form. Ultimately, the totem can also be used to block doors.


That concludes our Revenant guide. Be sure to check Strangely Awesome for additional Apex Legends content and so much more. If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments below.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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