With season 15 of Apex Legends well underway now, it’s a perfect time for us to evaluate how well Catalyst is fitting into the apex community’s play style. Catalyst is the most recent addition to the Apex Legends roster and with a pick rate of only 2.7% in ranked game modes it doesn’t seem like the community is liking her abilities in-game. 


Catalyst, the first trans woman introduced into the outlands in Apex Legends, begins her story in the last hope stories from the outlands trailer where she and her friend, Margo, attempt to take down a Hammonds robotics facility to stop them from destroying Cleo, their home planet. Their mission goes wrong when they are caught and Margo is taken for her crimes, though Catalyst escapes and their planted bomb destroys the facility. In this facility is where Catalyst first discovers the ferrofluids she later learns to manipulate to use in her abilities.


Apex Legends

Passive: Barriers- Catalyst’s passive ability allows her to place ferrofluids on a door to make it unopenable by the opposition. This allows teams to easily barricade areas that they don’t want to be quickly pushed, breaking the flow of battle and allowing teams to heal and reload before their next engagement. These ferrofluid protectants can only be used on two doors and change the punch damage from two hits to four before the door is broken. It can be easily countered with a simple grenade that breaks through the door upon explosion.  

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Tactical: Piercing spikes- Piercing spikes is a useful tactical ability for Catalyst allowing her to place an infectious layer of ferrofluids which slows and damages players, 15 damage a second. This layer of spiked fluid can be thrown a fair distance from the player, altering pushes and protecting blindsides. However, this ability can be broken when enemies shoot the orb which was used to place the fluid causing the area to disappear. 

Ultimate: Dark veil– Catalysts’ dark veil ultimate ability allows the legend to place a wall of ferrofluids directly from the player. When passed through by the opposition this wall creates temporary partial blindness and brief slowing. In addition to this, the ability stops players from scanning through the wall to find out where the opposition is.    

How Can These Abilities Be Used? 

Catalyst provides a useful range of late-game advantages with many players in lobbies playing less aggressively in these situations meaning staying protected in a house can be optimized with Catalysts’ passive ability to block doors.

Tactical placement of piercing spikes behind these blocked doors means the doors can’t be reached by enemy players and the orb to remove the ferrofluids cannot be shot providing perfect protection in a house for you and your team.  

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Catalyst’s ultimate ability can also give you a good layer of cover in late rings if placed between objects blocking enemy sight lines and slowing down engagements until your team is fully prepared with loaded weapons and the best possible advantage to give you a better chance at getting the win. 

Catalyst’s Future In Apex Legends: 

Like most other legends, Catalyst will likely receive a buff in future updates to make her a more viable legend in games that aren’t tailored to her specific abilities. In my opinion, I would like to see Respawn; the game’s developers, add a feature where players can rotate Catalyst’s ultimate ability instead of having it shoot directly from the direction the player is standing. It would make the ability more useful for blocking enemies in attacks and bringing more strategy to Catalyst’s play style.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to have grenades able to be blocked by Catalyst’s passive ability instead of the doors being instantly broken by them. This would make the ability more useful in late-game and higher-rank lobbies where players know how to counter character abilities.  

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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