“Why would I want Apex Legends advice from a noob?” That’s what you’re thinking, right? Well, it’s because you’re also a noob. You’re even more of a noob than I am, and no, that’s not meant as an insult. Consider this like your first day of high school and you have no idea what’s going on but I’m that kid who got to go to the high school back in 7th grade for a class. So, I know vaguely more than you do about the high school already, and buddy, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll tell you how to get to your math class after lunch.

A new season of Apex Legends has just started and it’s a great time to try out the game. After having played enough of it now to feel like I am starting to get the hang of it, I’d like to share some tips and advice that I picked up so far that might help out my fellow beginners to Apex Legends. While the game may be based on the somewhat simple-to-understand concept of a battle royal, there is what feels like a lot of information thrown at you when you first step foot into Apex.

From the extensive roster of characters, the wide selection of weapons, and all the nuances of each map, don’t feel as though you have to have everything figured out after a few matches. If you’re new to the game like I still am, I am hoping this article may be of some help, even though this is still largely Apex Legends advice from a noob.


That’s it, that’s the article. See ya.

The Real Tip #1: The Firing Range is Your Friend

Apex Legends

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Okay, fine, there is slightly more to the game than just being inherently good at it. A great way to get better quickly though is by spending some time in the firing range. This was easily the best way I found to just mess around and experiment with everything before feeling like you have to go into a match and learn on the fly. You can load in with whatever characters you have unlocked and try out their abilities.

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I must admit though, that some of the characters’ abilities are kind of hard to judge by using them in the firing range. For someone like Gibraltar, it’s easy to figure out how his ultimate works, but a character like Wraith is a bit harder to get a feel for by just teleporting back and forth. The firing range is handy for learning characters but it has its limits.

You can also get a really good sense of how each of the weapons in the game handles. Quite literally every weapon is at your disposal in the firing range, along with every attachment and upgrade you could expect to find in any given match. It’s an excellent way to learn the behaviors of each weapon, such as the recoil patterns, fire rate, bullet drop, etc.

As with learning the characters though, there are limits to just how much you can learn by shooting at dummies and moving targets. Eventually, you will need to leave the confines of the firing range and start trying to shoot at real players instead of the poor, helpless dummies that have to sit there and watch you practice your 360 no scopes.

Tip #2: No Hot Drops…Yet

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You know those players you see each match who drop as quickly as they possibly can and are fighting for their lives the second their feet touch dirt? Well, you’re not that guy, pal, trust me. Your first several matches or so should be spent dropping somewhat away from the action so you can get your bearings. Learn how to loot, how to move with the circle, take note of popular drop spots that you consistently see others dropping at, try to find at least one weapon you’ve gotten comfortable with in the firing range, and most importantly, stick together.

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Tip #3: Always Be Aware of the Circle

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Far too often in my early games, my match wasn’t ended by players I’d accuse of having wall-hacks and aimbots like an Apex version of a Predator; rather, it was from being sloppy and not paying attention to the circle. While it is good advice to drop away from all the chaos in your early games and spend some time looting, don’t lose track of where the circle is moving and how long you have to move in closer.

There is nothing worse than getting good loot in a secluded area only to be left running from the circle frantically without a weapon equipped and then get ambushed by a team that was well aware of where the circle was going.

Tip #4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Now, you don’t need to be making SEAL Team 6-style callouts when you’re in a firefight or see an enemy team off in the distance. No one expects you to know the maps well enough to be making specific callouts, a simple “Oh, I see someone to the north!” will suffice along with an accurate ping. If you’re playing solo, try to use your mic to make some callouts, otherwise, if your teammates are giving you the cold shoulder and don’t feel like talking, pings work just fine. The ping system in Apex Legends is stellar enough to substitute for the lack of verbal communication.

If you’re lucky enough to have some friends to play Apex with, communicating should be much easier. Just make sure you don’t get distracted talking about how King of the Hill was at its best during seasons 2-5 and had gone downhill by the last two seasons. If you’re all new to the game, try to learn from each other as you play and talk over what went wrong or right in the last game. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend that knows Apex already, that right there is your receptionist to the tower that is Apex. Use what knowledge they have to learn the game that much quicker.

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Tip #5: Don’t Give Up


Yes, I am here to spread the word of 16X WWE Champion John Cena. It can be really easy to get absolutely obliterated over and over again in your early games of Apex Legends by someone who you’re wondering how they got into your lobby and just want to uninstall the game and go touch grass. Well, don’t you dare go touch that grass!

I know from experience the frustration that entails but if the old saying about how iron sharpens iron is true, persist through those games and you’ll be the one cutting down others soon enough. Learn from each loss and before long, you’ll be the person others accuse of having a keyboard infested with Dorito crumbs while shotgunning Mountain Dew Code Red in between rounds.

Thanks for checking out my tips, I hope they aid you well in your Apex Legends endeavors. While you’re here, check out Tyler’s article on Madden NFL 23 while you’re here.

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