Get excited, the Innersloth team has recently announced their 2023 plans for Among Us! Although we don’t have confirmed dates for all the info provided by the team, it looks like we’re in for a good year. Among Us will be getting improvements to its user interface, matchmaking, and even a new map! So let’s hit that emergency meeting button and jump right in!

User Interface

Among Us in-game shop featured cosmicubes

To start things off, it looks like we’ll be getting a fresh new look to the user interface! Account merging and reporting a player will be updated in order to create an easier, faster process for players. Quickchat will see a similar rework with new dialogue options and a nicer interface. On top of that, the shop is getting a more navigable layout design! If you find the current shop to be confusing or frustrating to navigate, browsing for in-game cosmetics will be much easier soon.

Happy shopping, crewmates!

Gameplay Updates

The Innersloth team also announced that we’re getting a new map (finally)! Map #5 is expected to have brand new tasks to complete and a whole new set of cosmetics! The theme of the map is currently unknown, but we should be expecting more information in the coming months.

Although it’s not officially confirmed yet, the team has also mentioned the possibility of new roles! This is dependent on whether or not the team has time to develop and implement the roles in-game, so fingers crossed things go over well for Innersloth this year!

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Matchmaking will also see improvements this year due to the wide variety of game modes and roles available now. With the release of the Hide ‘n Seek game mode, new roles, and the upcoming Map #5, there will be a robust matchmaking system in place to meet your bloodthirsty needs!


Among Us Ghostface in-game crewmate skin

Finally, we’re expecting to see more collabs with other studios this year. The partnerships haven’t been announced yet, but we’re looking forward to getting more sweet cosmetics! Some of the previous Among Us collabs have been with League of Legends, Scream, and Hololive.

Given the game’s track record with studio collaborations, I think we’re in for some real treats this year! Let us know in the comments below which update you’re looking forward to the most! Have fun and always remember: red is always sus!

Source: Steam

Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game available now on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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