Like other Bethesda titles, Starfield features multiple factions with different goals and motives to make the universe feel more lively. These groups range from space explorers to pirates. Players will find themselves having encounters with each of these factions, and they may consider siding with them. With that, here is a list of all of the factions found throughout the universe of Starfield.


Starfield Constellation Faction story

The Constellation is a group focused on exploration, and they will be the main faction players will meet up with in the story. They will be focused on collecting mysterious artifacts in order to make new discoveries that expand the lore of the game. It is implied that helping out the Constellation will push the narrative forward. When we meet them, they will be residing in New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison.

United Colonies

Starfield United Colonies Soldier

As a big militaristic faction, the United Colonies watch over many of the planets in the Settled Systems. It is said that about 20 years ago, they were at war with the Freestar Collective in the “Colony War”. However, there is currently peace between the two governing groups.

Freestar Collective

Starfield Freestar Collective Akila City

If you want to be a space cowboy, then this is the faction for you. The forces that work here are called the Freestar Rangers.This group’s focus is on preserving the freedom and individuality of everyone under their rule. Their main capital is in Akila City which is surrounded by a massive wall that is meant to keep out the Ashta, a hostile alien species.

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Crimson Fleet

Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirate

This space pirate group works similarly to the raiders you can have run-ins with in the Fallout series. However, you can actually join this faction. The pirates here wear a red-adjacent armor color and skull-shaped face masks. Starting off in their stronghold, “The Key”, they have progressed much further than that throughout the different systems. Players can choose to help this faction progress further if they wish to live out their space pirating fantasies. 

Ryujin Industries

Starfield Ryujin Industries

There is not much information on this group yet besides the fact that they are a major faction in Neon. Players can apply for a job with them, but not much is known about how far that partnership will go.

Xenofresh Corporation

Starfield Neon City Xenofresh

Xenofresh is the company that made Neon City into the flashy “pleasure-city”, as it was referred to in the Starfield Direct showcase, it is today. Back when it was just a fishing city, the corporation discovered that they could use the fish to produce a drug called Aurora. This psychotropic substance can only be found in Neon City. 

From this point on, the factions listed are considered to play minor roles, and not much is known about them. 

Ecliptic Mercenaries 

Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries art

The motives behind this private military group is unknown at the moment, but they will serve as a hostile faction against the players.

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Violent Spacers

Starfield Violent Spacer

Considered a minor threat, violent spacers will occupy certain settlements as well as shoot players on sight. It is assumed that they will be a common enemy type. 

House Va’ruun

Currently, all that is known about House Va’ruun is that they are a group of religious fanatics. Nothing has been said on their role or relationship to the player character.

Sanctum Universum 

Starfield Religious Traits

This is another religious group that can be joined by selecting a trait called “Raised Universal”. Joining this religion may stop players from having certain encounters however.


Yet another religious group in the game that can also be joined by selecting a trait called “Raised Enlightened”. Nothing else is known about this religion right now.  

Starfield is out September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC

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