Space can be lonely, so make sure you find some crew members to keep you company as you journey across the stars. Starfield has a large cast of characters with a wide range of personalities to interact with. Some of these characters are available to become your companion if you can convince them to join your crew. While a few will join as part of the main story, there will be some that you will have to convince or hire with credits. Each companion comes with a skillset that can enhance your crew to some degree.

Main Companions

Sarah Morgan

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Skills: Botany 1, Leadership 2, Lasers 3, Astrodynamics 4

Sarah is the leader of the Constellation faction in Starfield. You will meet her shortly after arriving at their headquarters in New Atlantis. She will officially join you after you have proven yourself to her in the main questline. 


Starfield Barrett in the lodge

Skills: Gastronomy 1, Robotics 2, Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3, Starship Engineering 4

The first member of the Constellation you meet in the opening moments of the game, Barrett will join you after you rescue him from the pirates that took him during the Starfield story. 


Starfield Andreja in the lodge

Skills: Stealth 4, Particle Beams 3, Energy Weapon Systems 2, Theft 2

Andreja is a member of the Constellation that had gone missing for a short period of time while looking for an artifact. You will later find her during the mission, “Into the Unknown”, as she is defending herself from attackers while in a known location of one of the artifacts. In order to unlock her as a companion, all you have to do is complete the mission.

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Sam Coe

Starfield Sam Coe in the lodge

Skills: Geology 1, Payloads 2, Rifle Certification 3, Piloting 4

A former member of the Freestar Collective, Sam left Akila City to join the Constellation and their mission. He becomes available as a companion after his quest in the main story. If you have him as part of your crew, he will also bring his daughter, Cora, along for the adventure.


Starfield Vasco in the lodge

Skills: Aneutronic Fusion 1, Shield Systems 2, EM Weapon Systems 1 

Vasco will be your first companion as you leave Vectera in the opening sequence of the game before you head to Constellation headquarters. After progressing through the story, you will be able to have him back as a companion and as part of your crew.

Extra/Optional Companions:


Starfield Heller as crew

Skills: Geology 1, Outpost Engineering 3

Your former co-worker, Heller, can be recruited after you find him injured in a shipwreck during the “Back to Vectera” mission.


Starfield Lin as crew

Skills: Demolitions 1, Outpost Management 3

Your former boss/supervisor on Vectera is with you during the beginning of the game, and she can be recruited where you last left her at the mining outpost in the “Back to Vectera ” mission.

Mathis Castillo

Skills: Incapacitation 2, Ballistics 1, Weight Lifting 1

Mathis is a member of the Crimson Fleet that you will meet early on in Starfield during one of the faction missions if you decide to join the space pirates. He can only be available to recruit after you have helped the Crimson Fleet defeat the United Colonies through the faction missions. 

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Rafael Aguerro

Skills: Starship Engineering 2, Outpost Management 1, Outpost Engineering 1

Rafael can be found pretty late into the game, during the “Entangled” mission in the main questline. You will need to side with him, and convince him to join your crew in order for him to follow you.

Moara Otero

Starfield Moara Otero in Cydonia

Skills: EM Weapons System 2, Marksmanship 2

Moara can be found in the Broken Spear in Cydonia after you rescue him in Cydonia. He won’t take much convincing to join your crew.


Starfield Ezekiel in Aggie's Bar

Skills: Scavenging 1, Shield Systems 1, Energy Weapon Dissipation 2

Ezekiel can be found hanging out in Aggie’s Bar in Akila City and can be recruited just by engaging him in conversation.

Adoring Fan

Starfield Adoring Fan

Skills: Scavenging 1, Concealment 1, Weight Lifting 2

Some may recognize the Adoring Fan as the same one from Oblivion all those years ago. If you pick the Hero Worshiped trait, he will follow you and constantly shower you with compliments. 

Amelia Earhart

Skills: Piloting 2, Rifle Certification 2

Real life historical figure, Amelia Earhart, makes an appearance in this game via a questline, called “Operation Starseed” that can be discovered by following a distress signal. Completing this mission will allow you to recruit Earhart as a companion and part of your crew.

Hireable Companions

While these companions have their own skill sets and personalities that set them apart from the rest, they do not play a large role in the game, nor will you be spending much time getting to know them outside of initial dialogue options when you are meeting them for the first time. The fees for each character can be negotiated.

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Mickey Caviar

Starfield Mickey Caviar in the Astral Lounge

Skills: Gastronomy 1, Wellness 2, Incapacitation 1

Fee: 9,000 Credits

Location: Astral Lounge on Neon

Sophie Grace

Starfield Sophie Grace recruit

Skills: Stealth 3, Lasers 1

Fee: 13,500 Credits

Location: Madame Sauvage’s Place in Neon

Dani Garcia

Starfield Dani Garcia in Euphorika

Skills: Chemistry 1, Robotics 2, Energy Weapon Systems 1

Fee: 16,500 Credits

Location: Euphorika in Ebbside on Neon

Rosie Tannehill

Starfield Rosie Tannehill in Akila City

Skills: Medicine 1, Wellness 3

Fee: 12,000 Credits

Location: The Hitching Post in Akila City

Omari Hassan

Starfield Omari Hassan at the Hitching Post

Skills: Shield Systems 3, Starship Engineering 1

Fee: 16,500 Credits

Location: The Hitching Post in Akila City

Lyle Brewer

Starfield Lyle Brewer at Aggie's Bar

Skills: Particle Beams 1, Xenosociology 1, Shotgun Certification 2

Fee: 15,000 Credits

Location: Aggie’s Bar in Akila City

Gideon Aker

Starfield Gideon Aker at The Viewpoint

Skills: Ballistic Weapon Systems 2, Missile Weapon Systems 2

Fee: 12,000 Credits

Location: The Viewport in New Atlantis

Simeon Bankowski

Starfield Simeon Bankowski at The Viewpoint

Skills: Sharpshooting 1, Sniper Certification 2, Marksmanship 1

Fee: 15,000 Credits

Location: The Viewport in New Atlantis

Marika Boros

Starfield Marika Boros at The Viewpoint

Skills: Shotgun Certification 1, Ballistics 2, Particle Beam Weapon Systems 1

Fee:16,500 Credits

Location: The Viewport in New Atlantis

Andromeda Kepler

Starfield Andromeda Kepler

Skills: Outpost Engineering 2, Piloting 1, Aneutronic Fusion 1

Fee: 15,000 Credits

Location: Broken Spear in Cydonia

Starfield is out now on Xbox Series X/S and PC

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