There are plenty of spells that are offered in Hogwarts Legacy that each vary in it’s use both in and out of combat, allowing you to progress and explore more of the world the more spells you learn.

Each one has different benefits depending on what you need each for, such as Accio for pulling objects towards you or Wingardium Leviosa to make them float. Your character can only have 4 spells in your hotbar at a time, so you’ll need to be a bit more selective in which ones you’ll need to easily get you through a situation. There are also some spells that cannot be equipped into your hotbar, such as Alohomora and Revelio, which can be triggered by finding a lock or pressing a separate key altogether.

With a list of 34 spells to choose from let’s dive in to see what we can do as new 5th years.

Your Field Guide to Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Alohomora is an essential spell in any young witch or wizard’s arsenal!

It allows the caster to gain access to a variety of rooms depending on your level of mastery with it. You can upgrade this level by talking to Hogwarts caretaker Gladwin Moon who had initially taught you the spell who will then task you in finding Demiguise statues in exchange for a higher mastery of the spell, which is level 3.

Ancient Magic comes from your ability to manipulate ancient magic, dealing devastating attacks in various forms.

You can cast this after successfully filling up at least one segment of your Ancient Magic Meter, which can be done with successful combos and attacks.

Ancient Magic Throw is the ability to control certain objects within a combat area and throw them at your enemies. This ranges from explosive barrels to anvils, each delivering a good bit of damage and even breaking opponents Shield Charms.

You can use this spell in tandem with the Transformation spell. Which, when upgraded, can allow you to transform your enemies into explosive barrels and then throw them at another enemy, killing them both.

Basic Cast is going to be one of your more used spells. While your other spells are in cooldown you can use this to dish out some damage, starting off combos that can fill up your Ancient Magic meter. This can later be upgraded to reduce the cooldowns of your specialty spells, making it easier to finish off your opponents.

This is one of the first few spells that you learn in the tutorial with Professor Fig.

Beast Feed is not exactly a combat spell but extremely useful all the same. You can use this spell to feed any beasts you capture within your Vivarium’s.

Enjoy watching your beasts nibble on the food you produce for them!

Beast Brush allows the caster to groom the beasts in your Vivarium, making them feel all nice and cared for.

My all-time favorite is watching the Thestrals be groomed, they love the belly rubs the brush gives!

Petrificus Totalus is a powerful spell that can only be used when the Disillusionment Charm is being used, allowing you to incapacitate enemies while remaining unseen.

This spell is taught to you by Professor Fig in the main storyline of the game.

Protego can defend you from a great deal of attacks, including Dugbog tongues and goblin attacks. In order to know when to use Protego a yellow alert will appear over your characters head, kind of like your own spidey-sense!

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If you see a red indicator above your head however then you need to roll out of the way. This attack is unblockable and Protego will not stop it.

Revelio is going to be your most used spell, as it allows you to discover and find loot, hidden locations and enemy whereabouts.

Each cast of Revelio is accompanied by a bell sound which indicates how far away you are from an item depending on how loud the sound is.

This spell is revealed in the beginning of the game’s tutorial.

Stupefy is a basic stunning spell that allows you to deal more damage on incapacitated foes.

This spell is cast after a successful block with Protego as a counterattack bonus move. And can break through some enemy Shield Charms, except if you’re on hard difficulty).

Disillusionment is a spell that allows you to be almost invisible to any surrounding enemies.

It also lets you unlock certain chests scattered around the world and can be obtained during the main story with Professor Fig.

Lumos is your basic utility charm that will light up a small distance in a room.

Used for a variety of things in Hogwarts Legacy, such as, solving puzzles and avoiding Devil’s Snare.

This spell is learned in the main story quest.

Nap-Sack is an important tool for any aspiring Magizoologist! It allows you to capture any beasts you find out in the wild, bringing them back to the safety of your Vivarium.

This can be equipped into one of your spell slots and “cast” on a beast to start trying to pull them into the sack.

Reparo is handy tool for any caster, allowing you to mend objects to their former, more intact states.

You can learn this spell from one Professor Ronen’s assignments.

Wingardium Leviosa is a charm that allows objects to be controlled while levitating, versus Leviosa which just levitates the object.

This spell can be learned by completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment.

Arresto Momentum slows down various creatures and enemies, allowing you time to either get out of the way or capture magical beasts with your nap sack.

Madam Kogawa teaches you this spell in her second assignment.

Glacius as the name suggests, will freeze your target for a short time. The damage the target takes after the initial Glacius spell is increased for a short time after.

Madam Kogawa teaches this spell to you in her first assignment.

Levioso is a step below Wingardium Leviosa only because it just simply levitates the object rather than being able to control its movements.

It is incredibly useful in solving puzzles and incapacitating enemies in the air to deliver extra damage and can be learned in the main story quest.

Transformation brings a whole new element to combat with the ability to transform enemies into harmless objects, and if you choose to upgrade this spell then they can be made into explosive barrels.

Professor Weasley teaches you this spell after you finish her assignment and then attend her Transfiguration class.

Accio will be the most helpful tool for both puzzles and exploration throughout the world. Being one of the more versatile spells that can also be used in combat, pulling enemies closer to you for your shorter ranged spells.

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You can also use this spell to play Summoner’s Court against your fellow classmates!

You’ll learn this spell in your first round of classes with Professor Ronen, the Charms Professor.

Descendo is a spell that is best utilized in tangent with other spells. It only deals damage when the target is slammed to the ground, with targets taking more damage if they were first airborne.

Professor Onai will give you a few tasks to complete first before she teaches you this spell.

Depulso delivers a short-ranged blast directly in front of you, repelling any attacks and helping in some puzzles by “pushing” the buttons.

Perfect for blasting those terrifying spiders away from you!

Professor Sharp will teach you this spell after you complete his first assignment.

Flipendo is quite straightforward in that it levitates the target and then “flips” them a few times. Hitting targets after casting this spell adds more damage onto each cast.

Professor Garlick teaches you this in her second assignment.

Bombarda is a heavy impact spell that explodes on impact and can destroy tough objects as well as cause a massive splash damage effect to surrounding enemies.

This spell is one step above the destructive power of Confringo and is taught to you by Professor Howin after completing her second Beasts class.

Confringo is a long-range fiery bolt that deals moderate fire damage to the unfortunate recipient.

Useful in dispatching Inferni and spiders who are more susceptible to fire spells and in destroying some barricades.

Sebastian Sallow teaches you this spell in the Undercroft.

Diffindo is a slashing attack that slices through the air until it reaches its target, dealing considerable damage. This spell can be upgraded to slice through multiple opponents in its path, making for a deadly combo move.

Professor Sharp, (honestly quite fitting), teaches you this spell after you complete your assignments.

Expelliarmus is a spell we Harry Potter fans are quite familiar with. Also called the Disarming Spell, this both disarms and damages your target, making them easier to attack as they scramble to pick their weapon or wand back up.

There are some enemies that this won’t work on, such as bosses and trolls, but it is still a valuable tool against the enemies surrounding Hogwarts.

Taught to you by Professor Hecat at the end of your second assignment.

Incendio deals fire damage within a short range, setting creatures and Dark wizards aflame. This spell works even better in its upgraded version, casting a small ring of flame to damage any creatures that surround you.

This is one of Professor Hecat’s first spells that you learn after you complete the assignment.

Altering Spell is a transfiguration spell that changes the physical forms and features of items that reside within your Room of Requirement.

This is part of the quest line in which Professor Weasley takes you into the Room of Requirement to learn how it might help you in your studies.

Another spell Professor Weasley teaches you is the Conjuring Spell, which allows you to add any found furniture or decoration pieces within the Room.

Each object that you can add costs Moonstone, a material that is scattered around the world and can be collected by destroying it with your Basic Cast.

Unforgivable Curses

Alright, alright. Onto the more dark spells. These are not for the faint of heart, these spells, as the name suggests, are unforgivable. In the Wizarding World casting any one of these three spells will send you straight to Azkaban with no chance of getting out.

Using the Unforgivable Curses, however, does not have any negative effect on your gameplay. There is no morality mechanic that will give you an “evil” ending if you use them regularly, so don’t be deterred in adding these to your spell sets in combat. When paired with the best combo spells and plenty of potions you could dominate any fight you’re in.

Imperio is a mind-altering spell that forces the victim to bend to the caster’s will. The victim can do anything from being forced to dance to murdering a group of people, with the curse being near impossible to resist.

This spell can be learned in the Feldcroft Catacombs when you visit with your friend Sebastian Sallow.

Crucio is a pain-inducing torture spell that causes the victim to experience immense mental pain.

This spell makes the victim take damage over the course of the fight, “cursing” the target which can have different effects based on the players choice with talent points.

You’ll learn this spell after visiting Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium with Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Gaunt.

Avada Kedavra is the most powerful spell in the Wizarding World. Also known as the Killing Curse, this spell was used mostly by dark wizards that would kill its victims immediately, therefore being the greatest of the Unforgivable Curses.

This spell is unavoidable for any enemy, but you can’t use this as a win-all type spell. For some bosses it only takes a chunk of their health off and it has a 90 second cool down.

Based on how you answer some of Sebastian’s questions in the quest, In the Shadow of the Relic, will determine when you get this spell.

After you complete Sebastian’s quest line in its entirety you can visit him in the Undercroft at any time to learn any Unforgivable Curses you missed.

The Right Spells Can Help You Survive

Each of these spells can go into four different spell sets that can be structured to fit each scenario you find yourself in. It’s best to pair each of these spells together with those that increase your damage and spell versatility. From casting to beast care, each of these unlocks all of what Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Happy casting!

Hogwarts Legacy is now available PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th, and Nintendo Switch, on July 25th.

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