EA Sports PGA Tour is still a very enjoyable game to play. One of my favorite parts is the details in this game, including the many shot types they included in the game. In total there are 20 different shot types as shown believe with the badge/logos in the photo below.

You might love the game but not be familiar with all the different shot types in the game EA Sports PGA Tour. I am also going to classify them into different sections for shot types including drivers, approach, short game, and putting. So lets get into it.

Driving Shot Types

  • Drive: A standard full swing shot to get consistent distance and accuracy off the tee.
  • Power Drive: This is where you have golfers use more power to get more distance off the tee.
  • Stinger: Stinger Drive shots are more of a low and powerful. Usually are done in more windy conditions and sometimes on firm surfaces. 

Approach Shot Type

  • Approach: A standard full swing shot to get consistent distance and accuracy from terrain.
  • Power Approach: This is an approach shot that is more powerful and the aim is to get more distance.
  • Punch: A more lower shot that has power. Definitely more strategic when battling the wind along with getting out of trees.
  • Knock Down: A full swing that focuses on a lower fly on the ball and a way to minimize the wind’s impact. Even more useful on preventing a spin on the ball.
  • Finesse: Out of all of the approach shot types this one is the more versatile when it comes to distance.
  • Hack: The more powerful shot compared to the other approach shot types when it comes to thicker grasses. The Hack shots are mainly utilized in the thicker grass environments.
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Short Game Shot Type

  • Pitch: A Pitch is a more standard shot that is mainly utilized on the green’s, but not bunkers. Mainly because the pitch is a half swing shot that gets the ball up onto the green.
  • Runner: It is sort of similar to a Pitch with the half swing shot, but it is more of a lower shot. 
  • Spinner: Spinners have more speed with the half swing shots. This is utilized to avoid rollout’s when the ball lands. My recommendation is to utilize the spinner shot on fairways as it can help with the positioning of the next shot.
  • Flop: A long swing that lobs the ball high into the air and lands softly on the green. I would not recommend using this with bunkers.
  • Long Flop: Honestly, this shot is basically the sane as the flop, but it has a larger shot dispersion. 
  • High Flop: This flop is a more higher shot and can stop immediately when it hits the ground. A big difference with the Flop and Long Flop is that it is a terrible shot to use in not only the bunker, but heavy rough of the course.
  • Blast: If you’re stuck in a bunker this is the shot type you need to do. It is a bit more of a messier shot as the Blast hits more sand then the ball. Look at the photo I used above, and that is what Blast shots in a bunker look like.
  • Pick: While the Blast shot is messy, the Pick is more cleaner as it hits less sand. This also helps limit the rollouts when hitting the ball. It is tougher to do in both the game and in real life, but the less sand hit the better.
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Putting Shot Type

EA Sports PGA Tour swing

  • Putt: A stroke with a putter that instantly gets the ball rolling. Keep in mind that the putter is only used on the Green or Fringe.
  • Chip: Chip shots are mainly used with both wedges and short irons. This helps bumps the ball in the air a few yards and can help roll it quickly.
  • Texas Wedge: A stroke with the putter that instantly gets the ball rolling, but the difference from a normal putt is that it can be used when not on the Green or Fringe.

So that is all the shot types in EA Sports PGA Tour. It will take practice to get good at all the different types of shots in the game, but hey, golf is nothing if not a game of patience. So hit the links and good luck!

EA Sports PGA Tour is playable now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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