AEW Fight Forever has been a very fun game to play. One particularly cool aspect of the game is the abundance of achievements and trophies. There are numerous of them available, and I’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide that covers each achievement and trophy in detail. Whether it’s aiming for the 7-star match achievement (We will get to that), mastering various skills, or earning specific titles, the guide will serve as a valuable resource for players seeking to complete their collection.

First Win

The first of many to unlock in AEW Fight Forever

This achievement is easy to attain; all you need to do is secure a victory in any match type or against any number of opponents. Winning just one match will unlock this achievement, and it can be in any game mode you prefer. So go ahead, give it your best shot, and claim that achievement by emerging victorious!

Trophy: Bronze

Off the Guardrail!

To achieve this accomplishment in the game, you must utilize the Guardrail Dive Offense skill by executing 3 dives from the guardrails during a match.

Make sure to select a pro wrestler with the Guardrail Drive Offense skill before the match starts. Once in the match, head outside of the ring, climb the guardrail, and when the opponent is nearby, press the designated attack button to perform the dive. Repeat this process two more times during the match, and you will unlock the achievement. Happy gaming and good luck with your wrestling endeavors!

Trophy: Bronze

Nice Catch!

To earn this achievement, you must utilize the Anti-Air Defense skill, which enables your player to catch a dive attack performed by an opponent. During a match, when your opponent attempts a dive attack from the ropes or turnbuckle, activate the Anti-Air Defense skill at the right moment to catch their move. Successfully performing this defensive maneuver will grant you the achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

Smooth Footwork

To earn this achievement, you need to utilize the Kip-Up skill and successfully recover from the ground five times during a single match. For the best experience and to add some fun to your gameplay, consider using Orange Cassidy, as he is known for his unique kip-ups with his hands in his pockets, adding a humorous and entertaining element to the game.

Trophy: Bronze

Finisher Thief

Well, this achievement is quite obvious to obtain. All you have to do is use the Gimmick Infringement skill and win a match using the opponent’s finisher.

Trophy: Bronze

DANGER: Contents Under Pressure!

To accomplish this, you’re going to have to compete in a Lights Out match, which is a no-disqualification/extreme rules match. During the match, there will be weapons scattered in and around the ring that you can use on your opponent. One of those weapons is a barbed wire, and if you successfully attack your opponent with it, then you will have earned the achievement.

Trophy: Bronze


This achievement is relatively straightforward. To unlock it, you need to trigger three rope explosions on an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

Trophy: Bronze

Belt Collector

This achievement is quite simple to explain. To unlock it, you just need to enter a match while holding a title and then win another belt from a competitor who is a champion in that match. Good luck in becoming a double champion!

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Trophy: Bronze

Full Course Beatdown

The “Full Course Beatdown” achievement can be obtained by hitting your opponent with both a signature move and a finisher move and then securing a victory in a singles match. So make sure to showcase your best moves and dominate your opponent to earn this achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

Who Needs Hands?

I call this achievement the “Orange Cassidy.” To unlock it, simply use the Sloth Style skill, and win a match by pinfall with your hands in your pockets. This is a homage to Orange Cassidy, who frequently performs this move as part of his gimmick. It’s a fun and unique way to pay tribute to his iconic wrestling style in the game. So, embrace the slothful approach and secure that victory with your hands nonchalantly tucked into your pockets.

Trophy: Bronze

Dexterous Dervish

For getting the Dexterous Dervish achievement, you must use the Desperation Impulse skill, and win a match with a roll-through move.

Trophy: Bronze

4-Way Dominator

To accomplish this achievement, you’ll need to face a challenge as it requires playing on Hard Difficulty. The task is to emerge victorious in a 4-Way Match against four other opponents. It will test your skills and strategy to outperform all competitors and claim victory in this intense match type.

Trophy: Silver

Ring Cleaner

To achieve this specific accomplishment, you will need to eliminate 10 wrestlers by tossing them over the top rope in an AEW Casino Battle Royale match. This feat can be challenging, especially if you enter the match late, as you may have to face a larger number of opponents.

The Casino Battle Royale is known for its unpredictability, with multiple wrestlers entering the ring in intervals. As such, you’ll need a combination of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck to successfully eliminate 10 competitors and secure the achievement.

Trophy: Silver

Adept Flyer

This one is not hard as you have to use the Springboard Offense skill and land 5 springboard attacks in a match. You can easily do this with either a customized pro wrestler or real-life wrestlers like Sammy Guevara, Rey Fenix, and others.

Trophy: Bronze

Fearless Rocket

In this achievement to obtain it, you have to use the Tope Offense skill and land 2 tope suicida attacks in a match.

Trophy: Bronze

Rope Wizard

For this achievement, you have to use the Rebound Recoil Attack skill and land 2 recoil attacks in a match. When recoiling, you have to do a rebound attack after being whipped towards the ropes.

Trophy: Bronze

Corner Wizard

This achievement can be obtained by using the Corner Recoil Attack skill and landing 2 recoil attacks in a match. It’s pretty much the same as the Rope Wizard, but you have to do it in the corner of the ring.

Trophy: Bronze

All Shall Cower Before Me

All you have to do is defeat an opponent by submission in a match. It is pretty simple, and the best wrestler to get this achievement immediately is playing the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.

Trophy: Bronze

Watch Your Footing!

Do you love pushing ladders with wrestlers in a Ladder Match? Well, you can easily get an achievement when you push over a ladder with an opponent on it to knock them down in a Ladder Match. This achievement is called “Watch Your Footing.”

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Trophy: Bronze

Equal Opportunity Player

To obtain this achievement, you need to participate in a match with at least 50 AEW Wrestlers. The game includes the original characters, Pre-Order, and DLC Characters (Coming Soon), making a total of 60 wrestlers. The good news is that custom wrestlers also count towards this achievement, which can make it a lot easier to reach the required number of participants. So, you can create and add custom wrestlers to the match to meet the 50-wrestler requirement and unlock the achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

Beat the Best

To achieve this accomplishment, you must defeat an opponent while playing on Elite Difficulty. Winning matches on Elite Difficulty can indeed be challenging, especially on your first attempt. However, if you’re looking for a recommendation to increase your chances of success, using a skilled wrestler like Kenny Omega and facing a weaker opponent in the game can be a strategic approach. Take advantage of Kenny Omega’s abilities and finesse to secure victory against your chosen opponent.

Trophy: Silver

The King of Hearts

This achievement focuses on competing in 100 total Singles matches. It may feel like a grind achievement, but with the amount of fun you will have playing this game, time will go by fast.

Trophy: Silver

No Feat Too Large

There are so many challenges in AEW Fight Forever, and if you complete at least 30 of them, you will get an achievement. The challenges come in four types: Daily, Weekly, Normal, and Secret. It doesn’t matter which type you complete; just complete them to earn the achievement.

Trophy: Silver


This is a self-explanatory achievement, as all you have to do is make a purchase using AEW Cash in the game. Once you get one thing, then you have obtained this achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

On The Road to Elite

Road to Elite is a career-type mode where you can pick any wrestler in the game, created or not, and go through one year of a career with AEW. If you complete it, then you earn an achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

Welcome to the Elite!

Earn the AEW World Championship while playing Road to Elite. This is an awesome achievement, and every player must strive to win a championship in career mode.

Trophy: Bronze

Livin’ The Wrestler’s Life

This achievement focuses on completing Road to Elite 10 times. If you enjoy Career Mode, then this should be a piece of cake to get.

Trophy: Bronze


This one can be really tough to achieve. The achievement focuses on earning a career grade of A+ in Road to Elite. So much has to go right for this to be done, and it is going to take multiple tries to get an A+ grade in Road to Elite.

Trophy: Gold

Shirt Collector

Well, there are a total of 32 t-shirts that can be earned in Road to Elite. To get the shirts, you do get one automatically for each in-game week, but if you want to get the achievement, you can buy another each week.

Trophy: Bronze

Food Critic

I think it is super cool that you can dine in the Road to Elite mode. To get an achievement, you need to select Dining 16 times in a single play-through. Not too hard, and no joke, while doing this, I got really hungry.

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Trophy: Bronze

Train to the Max

With pro wrestlers, it is obvious that they do intense training to not only perfect their craft in the ring but also to make themselves look cool. If you complete 30 or more successful training days, you will get an achievement. My recommendation is to keep your energy up to avoid injury.

Trophy: Silver

Triple Crown

In Road to the Elite, you have to hold 3 titles simultaneously to get the achievement. This one is annoying and tricky to get as it all depends on the storylines you get depending on the win-loss record.

Trophy: Gold

Casual Gamer

To get this achievement, all you have to do is win a minigame within Road to Elite. It is pretty simple as the minigames are easy to beat.

Trophy: Bronze

Professional Gamer

As I said with the previous achievement, this one is also pretty simple. It focuses on the mini-games as you have to play through 5 different minigames. Once you do that, you have earned the achievement.

Trophy: Bronze

Making Their Debut…

This one focuses on creating a custom wrestler and completing a Singles Match (1 vs 1) using the creative wrestler. Trust me, you’re missing out if you don’t create a pro wrestler, as this game does a solid job doing it.

Trophy: Bronze

Arena Architect

For this achievement, you not only have to create an Arena, but you have to win a match in that customized arena.

Trophy: Bronze

Promising New Team

All you have to do here is make a custom team with a custom wrestler you created. That’s not all; you have to complete a tag match using that tag team.

Trophy: Bronze

Match of the Year

For this achievement, it focuses on performing a 7 Star match in this game. Funny enough, I wrote a previous piece titled “AEW Fight Forever: How To Have A 7-Star Match“. I strongly recommend that you look at that article, as it will be a little easier to get this achievement since it can get very challenging. I will say that obtaining this achievement is worth it, not only for the Golden Trophy but also for the satisfaction of being a part of a 7-star match in a video game.

Trophy: Golden

So in total, there are 38 different accomplishments in this game. Regarding trophies, there are 28 Bronze, 6 Silver, and 4 Gold Trophies. All in all, though, I feel this is the proper amount of accomplishments and trophies that can be earned in the first game for a specific company. Now that I have enlightened you on the number of accomplishments in the game, it is up to you to achieve them all.

AEW Fight Forever is available now and playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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